Apparently I'm Evil {My LOST Thoughts}

After watching last night's episode of Lost, ominously called Sundown, I was highly disturbed. Enough so that I thought I might have to boycott this week's edition of LOST thoughts (gasp!) out of anger and disbelief. I soon came to my senses and realized that even if the writers take us down a dark, disturbing path (you know, like the one where your favorite characters turn evil) now, it doesn't necessarily mean things will continue on that dark, disturbing path. Right? RIGHT?!?!

I enjoyed seeing Sideways Sayid play the loving uncle, but it was painful to watch the longing between he and Nadia. *Sob* It was blatantly obvious they loved each other and it seemed like a sick twist of fate for her to be married to Sayid's brother. But at least she is alive.

Poor Sayid. He's tried so hard to get away from his past and situations on the Island and in Sideways Ville keep causing him to kill people in all sorts of interesting ways.

But he's always been good at his core. At least until he died, sat up two hours later, was tortured by Dogen, almost poisoned by Jack, fought Dogen and banished from the temple. Then Dogen had the nerve to tell him to prove he still had good in his soul and the darkness wasn't in him by stabbing *someone* he knows deep in the chest. Oh, and yeah, don't let them speak or it will be too late.

Did Sayid fail because FLocke said, "Hello Sayid," before plunging the knife in his chest? How could you not laugh, a least a little when Flocke, with a quizzical expression, pulled the knife out of his chest and asked Sayid, "Now why'd you go and do a thing like that?" and then asked if Sayid wanted his knife back. It was also hard not to chuckle when an incredulous Sayid asked FLocke, "What ARE you?" and Flocke answered, "You seem to have some idea about that considering you stabbed me in the chest without even saying hello." Then they talked some more (which Dogen specifically said not to do). Uh-oh.

Then Sayid realized he had been manipulated by Dogen. Uh-oh.

Then FLocke told Sayid he could have anything in the whole world (even Nadia?!?!) if he delivered a message for him. Uh-oh.

So he did. And soon Smokey attacked the temple, lots of other-others died, Kate told Crazy Claire the truth about Aaron (um, big uh-oh there Kate), Sayid fought Dogen again, Llana, Lapidus, Ben and gang escaped through the secret temple door, and a confused Kate picked up a rifle and surveyed the carnage in the courtyard with Sayid.

Even though I was almost screaming no, don't do it, don't go with them, NO at the TV, Kate joined FLocke, Sayid, Crazy Claire, possibly Sawyer and Jin (even though we didn't see them) to form the Dark Side (or at least what we think is the dark side).

Like I said, I don't like this dark path these characters are on. I don't like it at all. I hated to see them choosing sides, because this time it's not just about who lives on the beach or at the caves, this time it's serious. Really serious. I certainly could have used a few good Hurleyisms at this point. The way Crazy Claire sang Catch a Falling Star really creeped me out and then a creepier version of the song played as they were leaving the temple. So now, of course, it's stuck on repeat in my head. Sweet. Did you notice the way Sayid and FLocke exchanged satisfied evil glances before leaving the temple? It sent shivers down my spine and was almost the last straw for me.


I can't wait to see what happens next week.

What did you think? Do tell.


  1. So, I totally had dreams about Sayid killing people last night. It was so weird. But I have to say I am loving the writing this season...and getting some answers. Hopefully we get them all, right?

    Loved your commentary!

  2. I'm the same. Sayid is one of my favorites. I don't like him turning dark. Or like you said what we think is dark.
    I've said before, I wouldn't put it past the writers to make us think Jacob=good, Flocke=bad, then turn it all around at the end.
    I was wondering why Claire didn't take advantage of being out of the hole to whack Kate like she promised. Not that I want that to happen. Is she just waiting?

  3. I missed Hurley and his witty ways.

    Even though the confusion of the evil people is mind bending, I think it's so cool that the actors playing them are able to do so in a way that makes you think they really are different and evil. Acting...go figure.

  4. in my post-Olympic haze, i watche THREE episodes of LOST last night, just to get caught up. suffice to say, i am still processing, but I'm happy that i didn't have to skip over your LOST thoughts this week :)

  5. I feel the same way about Claire! I wish there was some way for her to go back to the way she used to be (the post-Aaron, pre-Charlie's death), but I just don't see a way for it to happen. I do wonder if they are really "evil," which I guess depends on what's actually going on here. Sadly, we have NO CLUE what's actually going on!

  6. I'm not convinced that what seems evil, really is evil. I'm trying not to be too gullible here. They've sucked me in before and it turned out I was wrong. I'm withholding judgment on who/whom is evil at the moment.

  7. I think Fake Locke didn't count on Kate coming along- which means she will probably be able to recruit people (at least Sawyer and Jin) to join the other side...or something like that :)


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