Are You the Devil? {My LOST Thoughts}

So, um...I don't know about you, but I kind of want my money back after last night's LOST Ricardo/Ricardus/Richard fest. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't that great either, so I'm shrugging my shoulders and saying, "Eh."

We already knew Richard came to the Island on the Blackrock, so last night filled us in on how he came to be a slave in the cargo hold of the Blackrock. In Spanish. For most of the show.

Again with the shoulder shrug and the,"Eh."

I mean, Richard's okay, he loved his wife, he had some seriously bad luck, got the nail out, lost the nail, met MIB, pledged to do MIB's dirty work (kill Jacob with the special dagger before he says anything at all), switched to Jacob's team, made a wish to live forever to avoid hell and became Jacob's representative.

Another shrug and an, "Eh."

I did like learning more (though just a teeny-tiny bit) about Jacob, MIB and their severely dysfunctional relationship. I also liked seeing Hurley act as go-between for Richard and Isabella, that was really sweet.

But I missed the dynamics of the whole cast, or at least the two sides, moving the story along.

No offense Richard, but I want the whole LOST enchilada.

What did you think?


  1. I liked it. But I agree that it didn't move us forward much. I think the whole purpose of the episode was to keep us questioning which one is good, MIB or Jacob. Or if you weren't yet to get you questioning that. I have a feeling shakeups are coming.

  2. sorry, i disagree, i thought this episode was awesome. i am not a big Richard fan, but tonite i really enjoyed the storyline. i felt it was much better than last weeks, which was a huge letdown for me, being a Sawyer fan I wanted more from his story.

    I feel like the story gained momentum in the move tonite, that the MIB-Jacob fight is growing stronger. Just the fact that we were told they were in HELL gave me the heebee jeebees! Personally I can't imagine Hell as a beautiful tropical island, even if it is inhabited by a black smoke monster!

  3. Who says they are in hell? Only the MIB (impersonating Isabella). I'm leaning toward the idea that the island is someplace the gods of yesteryear imprisoned one of their own after he got too feisty - hence Jacob's reference to the island keeping evil bottled up.

  4. I like Richard and was so curious to know his story, but when the episode was over Randy and I looked at each other and said, "That's it?!" It seemed like there would be more to it than that, and that we could have been told about the good/evil island conflict a really long time ago.

    I really hope the writers are able to pack enough answers into these last few episodes or I'm going to be seriously bugged. I feel like we've invested emotion into these characters and want their experiences to have been for a good reason and ultimately for their benefit.

  5. I LOVED, LOVED finding out more about Richard! He has been one of the most intriguing characters to me this whole time! I was surprised to see how clueless he really is, though. That was disappointing!

  6. Well, I have to respectfully disagree. I loved the episode. But then I am a historical romance fanatic, so this totally fit the bill for me.

    You are right that it didn't move the story forward much, but it did give insight into the Jacob/MIB storyline which will eventually (I hope) give us a better understanding of the Losties situation.

    I am beginning to wonder if the writers originally intended the story to take on such a large scope or if the initial intention was to deal only with survivors of 815. If the Jacob/MIB storyline was always the intention then it seems we should have seen snippets of them before last season's finale. And in that way, I feel kinda snookered. Hoodwinked, if you will.

    Ah well. It's still the BEST SHOW EVER! :)

  7. Sorry y'all if I came across as too anti-Richard or something. I didn't mean to! I just enjoy the storylines with more of the main characters more.

    This week's episode was good, but for me though, it wasn't like jump off the couch good.

    Interesting point about why we didn't get more hints about Jacob/MIB earlier in the seasons if they are so vital to the overall Island outcome. Their relationship is fascinating though and I can't wait to find out more.

  8. I also loved the episode. I thought it was "meaty" and more like the first couple of seasons when there was so much switching back to find out more about the storylines of the people on the island. Wouldn't you kill for those naturally lined eyes of his? I think he has double lashes like Elizabeth Taylor. The face hair I could do without, though. haha! Also, I didn't know he was such a dynamic actor.

  9. BriteCloud: You are right about his eyes--very captivating, even distracting a little (kept wondering about guyliner or no guyliner). I was SO ready for the shaggy beard and hair to GO!

    He gave a great performance, very emotional yet believable, not chessy. He giggled like a nervous girl though when Ilana said he knew what to do next.


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