A Fashion Epiphany in the Pedi Spa {5 Steps to Fabulous}

As my toes were submerged in the warm, swirling whirlpool a week or two ago, some local morning show chatter on the flat screen TV caught my attention. A well dressed lady was hawking promoting her new style book and began to share her five keys to looking fabulous. On a shoestring budget no less.

At this, my ears perked up. Who doesn't want to look fabulous?

Since then, a few of her tips have been percolating around in my brain and a few I've tried to put into practice. Wouldn't you like to be privy to them too? Well, all righty then, let me give you the scoop.

1. Wear lipstick. Duh. She suggests a brighter color to perk one's face up a bit. I've recently switched to more nude colors and tossed most of my brighter lipsticks, so while I do always wear lipstick, I'm probably failing her very first tip anyway. Rats.

2. No matter your shape/size, accent your femininity (read: curves) by doing two simple things: 1) don't hide your shape under baggy, loose, ill-fitting clothes and 2) make the most of your shape by first, lifting *the girls* and accent your waist with a belt, sash, etc.

3. Black boring handbags should be against the law!! Don't ruin your overall look by carrying a BLAH bag. Choose a fun color and/or style that makes you stand out (not too far out, but not a wallflower either). Color is NOT a dirty word.

4. She stressed the importance of our footwear, how it can make or break your style. She said you can find comfort and style together, you just have to look a little harder for it. This rule is probably one I break all the time since I live in flip-flops, Crocs and ballet flats. She also said that we should treat animal prints as neutral, saying they go with everything. I'm going to keep my eye out (well, both eyes) for a pair of leopard or zebra print ballet flats.

5. Here's the one suggestion that really hit me over the head. The great thing is, it's EASY to do, you just have to think outside the normal fashion box. When it comes to jewelry, it's no more matchy-matchy. Did you get that? Stop matching everything up! Apparently that is tres BLAH and not tres chic at all. If you are wearing a warm color, then you must wear COOL toned jewelry, and therefore the reverse is also true, if you are wearing a cool tone, then pop it with a warm color. Be unexpected.

One of the ladies on the show wore a black and red dress, so she popped it with turquoise dangly necklaces and bracelets. The other lady was wearing a blue and green print dress and a chunky yellow necklace along with a shorter orange-ish bead necklace. And they both looked fabulous!

So that got me thinking. And noticing.

Almost all the outfits that I notice (and admire) whether in pictures or in person, they embrace the unexpected.

At the book signing I noticed a lady wearing a darling orange sweater and a green necklace. She looked great (and I told her so)--the green complemented the orange perfectly, yet it was unexpected. When I wear black tops I usually wear my red ballet flats, in an attempt to add a pop of color and be unexpected. Yesterday I wore a simple brown t-shirt, jeans and a denim jacket. Instead of reaching for bronze or brown jewelry, I tossed on an orange necklace and earrings just for kicks. Turquoise would be a truer cool color option, but orange was a fun splash of color.

I almost always dress casually but adding a bit of unexpected color seems like a fun and simple way to instantly spruce up an otherwise blah-esque outfit.

Be unexpected.

Try it, you'll like it. (Hey Mikey!) (Please tell me you remember Mikey too.)


  1. I remember Mikey!

    I'm in trouble with these 5 rules! I do wear lipstick, so at least that's something. But I ALWAYS have a black purse and lame footwear, and I wear minimal, matching jewelry. Ah me...I'm going to have to rethink things and try harder. I'm definitely in a rut.

  2. I must get something orange... seriously. And here's an idea. Keep your nude lipsticks and buy some lipgloss to put over the top. Very cool and looks aweseome.

  3. check target for zebra flats...for about 12.99 I think. I have the bronze ones!

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