Five for Friday {The Spring Break Edition}

1. Some mornings it is all Annelise can do to stumble out of bed, walk ten steps or so, collapse on the rug on the stair landing and gather her morning wits about her. This can take a while.

Some mornings I feel her pain. Thank goodness this year the ridiculousness, otherwise known as the spring forward time change, coincided with our Spring Break. We've been able to pretty much ignore it so far what with our staying up later and sleeping in with true slothlike ambition and style. I hope Monday morning isn't a cruel slap in our face.

2. This Spring Break we had no plans. Zip, zilch, zero. It was perfect. Annelise was content to do this and that, play outside, watch TV, play inside, whatever. Did I mention it was perfect? Since she's still young and blissfully ignorant of the fact that some parents plan elaborate vacations or detailed, action packed days with stimulating activities for each and every hour of Spring Break, she has no expectations, so therefore no disappointment.

A lazy day at home topped off with dinner and bowling with friends that night? She declared it the best day EVER. A rainy day filled with playing indoors and watching movies? A treat! Working in my classroom at church and a trip to the grocery store? What more could a girl want? We did plan a family outing Thursday followed by a sleepover at Pappo and Grandma's house and she declared it the best day EVER, again.

I'm so thankful she is easy to please.

3. These photos are proof of our extensive St. Patrick's Day celebration:

Do you think we went too far?
4. The other day Annelise got some mail, which is always an exciting event around here (hello, did you not just read about our over the top Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day?), and she ripped the envelope open with glee. Then she realized it was a bill.
Sort of.
Turns out her gift subscription to National Geographic Little Kids magazine has ended and they sent a renewal notice directly to her. A six year old. She emphatically asked for me to renew it for her since it only costs $15, to which I quipped, "Well, maybe you should see if you have $15 in your piggy bank."
Cue crickets chirping.
The next day, Scott and I were tickled to see this appear on the kitchen counter:
She was a dollar short, but Scott wrote out a check anyway.*
5. And, finally, guess what I will be doing this Saturday? As in tomorrow! As in I am soooo excited I might not sleep tonight!
Making two new best friends, that's what! Wait...that might sound stalkerish and creepy. Well, my two best girlfriends and I will at least be taking photos (prepare yourselves) and asking them to autograph their new books. I'll be back next week with all the scoop.
*We sneaked the $$ back into her piggy bank. We aren't complete coldhearted Scrooges unmoved by a certain six year old's desire to stay current on all the exciting animal *news*.
Have a FABULOUS Friday my friends!
Was the time change a cruel slap in your face?
Do you plan lots of things for Spring Break? (I promise I won't hate you if you do)
Aren't you jealous of our St. Patrick's Day festivities?
Have you read any of Beth Moore's or Francine Rivers' books? If so, which one is your fave? (I just finished Francine's Reedeming Love and of course, LOVED it--in like two days, couldn't put it down kind of loved it. I plan to re-read A Voice in the Wind soon, and work my way through the whole Mark of the Lion trilogy.)


  1. I love a low key Spring Break. I consider it my break more than Max's since we homeschool and we don't do anything scheduled or expensive. Just go as the mood strikes.

    I loved Redeeming Love and also The Scarlet Thread, too. Have fun!!

  2. We've had a similarly quiet spring break just hanging out at home and getting movies and books from the library. We had grand plans of having friends over and it never panned out. But no one is upset. The time change is killing us too. Our boys climb in bed at 6:30 like clockwork and now have been going to bed between 7:30 and 8. We don't even realize it is dinner time until 6:30 so yeah, this weekend will be rough getting back on track.

  3. Ah, we had Lucky Charms, too. A real treat for my kiddos. We have slept in all week and it's been a dream. This morning, I had to get up at 6 to drive out to the country for a youth conference for church. Talk about a slap in the face. UGH! That about killed me. Those teenagers will never know the sacrifices we go through for them. Ah, who am I kidding? My sweet hubby is sleeping in a tent up there. I guess I can't complain.

    Ok, I shouldn't...

  4. We have not been graced with Spring Break yet...but, for Spring Break I get in my car like every other day and drive to work. I like to say something like, "I don't want to go to the beach along with every other spring breaker" but the truth is my husband is a tightwad and hates the beach. ha! 14yo daughter goes to Disney next week with orchestra so that's her spring trip. The rest of us fuddy-duddies are keepin' our nose to the grindstone. And yeah, probably no summer vacation either. It's the tightwad thing. And he knows I call him that in public. hee hee

  5. We have never gone anywhere for spring break, the kids are always thrilled just to have the time off from school.

    You're lucky that spring break coincided with Daylight Savings, it has been brutal for me all week long!

    That's too cute that Anneliese set out her money for the magazine renewal.

  6. between jet lag and the time change I have been wiped out! so glad for the break to catch up….teens are pretty ok w/ no plans other than friends every day & night!

  7. What a cute pic of A. sitting on the stairs in her St. Patrick's shirt!

  8. Still recovering from the time change. Brutal.

    I wish my morning hair looked as cute as Ms. A's!!

  9. No major spring break plans. My girls went to a sleepover. We took the boys and the toddler to Chuck E. Cheese thanks to a gift card. Visited my parents one more time before baby comes. And lots of playing around the house. Thankfully the weather was good until this past weekend, so no one went too crazy.


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