Five for Friday

1. Clearly I do not practice what I preach, as this photo documents me in not only the t-shirt I slept in but yesterday's makeup as well at 9:30 this morning. Yuck.
I've fallen victim to the very lazy habit lately of not washing my make-up off before I go to bed. I know that's not good, but I ignore the nighttime voice in my head that tells me to wash my face (hello, it takes like, two minutes!) I use the excuse that I (usually) didn't apply my make-up until the afternoon, so it's not really as long as it seems. How weak is that?

2. I did throw on my new favorite pants to take Annelise to school. They are the destructed boyfriend khakis (currently on clearance for like $17) from Old Navy and are oh so comfy.
3. (Me) "Psst...hey, Sadie, wanna go for a little walk?"
(Sadie) "Walk? Did you say walk? I'm your girl! Can we go now? Can we huh, huh?"
(Me) "Sadie, look at all the trees those nasty bulldozers have knocked down for the new development! Can you believe it?!?!?"
No response from Sadie other than aggressive grass sniffing.
(Me) "Where are all the deer going to go now? This hurts my heart! Everything is going to look so different soon. At least they're leaving a few trees in their wake of destruction."
(Sadie) "I think I smell a rabbit." (Cue more aggressive sniffing and leash yanking.)4. I had a momentary organizing-ish brainstorm the other day when faced with the jumble of jewelry living inside our bedroom armoire. I remembered I had a shoe organizer thingie that I had not put to good use yet (the shame!), so I blew the dust off the cover and opened it up. Even though the pockets are canvas instead of clear, it still works well to organize and store my necklaces and bracelets. It felt so good to make better use of completely unused space (the door to our master bathroom) and arrange my jumbly mess of jewelry so I can see it, remember what I have and use it. These over the door shoe organizers are so versatile! I use one for ribbon in my craft room and two in Annelise's closet for shoes and small/odd toys that don't have a proper home.
5. Hmm...I've got nothing else to share I guess. I was going to rant about being accosted in the car pick-up line yesterday for an impromptu, johnny-on-the-spot, child standing at my car window ready to hop in, first time play date. Excuse me? I know I'm sheltered (and I like it) and Annelise is therefore sheltered (and I like that too), but please correct me if I'm wrong, this did not seem like normal behavior (her, not me, I'm COMPLETELY normal, right?!?!) Yes, this is the same pushy mom, same child and the situation has never been resolved (my fault because I just don't know how to say no, I won't allow my child go home with someone I don't know very well without being rude, so I'm still stalling/avoiding, which I know is just as rude).
Well, I guess I ranted after all.

It's okay if you just want to slap me. Sometimes I want to slap myself.
Now I'm off to vacuum. Or read more Harry Potter. It's a toss up.
Have a fantabulous weekend y'all!


  1. I think your instinct to stall is right with this mom. Standing at your car window with the child is on the rude scale, in my opinion. Too pushy!

    Love your jewelry organizer. One idea is to pierce the fabric compartments with colored earrings (if you have 'em) so that you can make a quick scan to the color necklace you want to wear. (that is, until you have them memorized) But wouldn't that be a cute embellishment? Maybe even scrapbooking accessories like flowers that could be hot glued?

    Poor trees...we definitely feel that pain here. But speaking of trees, it's time for cherry blossoms downtown and I hope we can see them in person this year. So beautiful.

  2. Love your rants, friend....check your email. :)

    So sad about the trees...I'm not going to show Troy those pictures. He gets all kinds of fired up when he sees trees getting cut down. haha!

    Oh, and you look beautiful even with makeup from the day before. :)

  3. I hate it when a parent suggests something while the kids are right there, because it really does put you on the spot. I would have made up an excuse and then suggested getting together at my house at a later date.

  4. Between you and me, recycling yesterday's non-washed face can acutally become an art form. I should know. I do it almost every Friday.


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