It's Dr. Linus, Actually {My LOST Thoughts}

I can't believe I'm actually typing this, but here I go anyway...I *heart* Ben Linus.

There, I said it. Are we still LOST friends? I hope so.

I have been creeped out by him, seethed with anger because of his manipulations, desperately wanted Karma (or Ol' Smokey) to bite him on his hiney, but after watching last night's episode of LOST, simply titled Dr. Linus, I wanted to give Ben a hug. A big ol' bear kind of hug.

The realization that Ben Linus may actually have a soul after all has thrown my little brain for a loop (yours too?), so this week's LOST thoughts (you know, my random observations, quotes and questions) will have to be in something of a list format (pretty much like every edition of my LOST thoughts).

So, without further ado, here we go...

"I'm fine. Thank you." (Ben, doubled over gasping for air after running through the jungle away from the temple, to Ilana.)

How appropriate for European History professor, Mr. Roger's cardigan wearing Sideways Ben to be teaching his class about Napoleon's devastation over losing...what was it? Oh, yeah, POWER.

"It's Dr. Linus, actually." (Ben to Principal Reynolds after being told he must give up History Club in order to babysit delinquents in detention, delivered with a well known sinister tone and evil glint in his eye)

It was rather fun to see Arzt again, all together in one piece, wasn't it?

Substitute Locke casually suggesting (planting a seed of dissension? stirring up mutiny?), in between bites of his sandwich, that Ben should be principal.

The correlation between Professor Ben's concern for the students and Mastermind Island Ben's misguided attempts for ultimate power on the island was all throughout this episode. Loved that.

Oops! Island Ben was caught in yet another lie, thanks to Miles. C'mon Ben, the jig is up, time to fess up. And, I'd watch out for Ilana, she's got your number, dude. And a rifle.

Of course, I was happy to see Sideways Ben taking care of Roger (the Work Man), his father, instead of gassing him in a Volkswagen van.

It was also very sweet to see Dr. Ben tutor Alex and encourage her, even later sacrifice his own ambition to help her have a better future than he.

So, do you think Richard was a passenger on the Black Rock in the 1800s? The way he touched the chains inside the ship made me think Jacob had freed him from being a slave--to only become a slave to the Island and Jacob.

Did you notice Chaim Potok's book The Chosen inside Sawyer's old tent on the beach (next to the girly mags, of course)?

Poor Ben, having to dig your own grave must be quite humbling.

"What are you gonna do? You're gonna write me a check on this banana leaf?" (Miles, to Ben. I *heart* Miles too)

Did you not fall off the couch laughing when Hurley asked Richard if his non-aging was a Terminator thing, if he was a Cyborg or a vampire? Richard calmly explained, "No, I am not a Cyborg" (As if someone from an 1800s slave trader ship living on a magical island for hundreds of years even knows what a Cyborg is.) Richard also explained that Jacob gave him a gift. Apparently when Jacob touches you, it's considered a gift...or it might be a curse.

"You know, you really had me fooled with that sweater vest. Linus, you're a real killer." (Arzt to Dr. Ben after making a deal for a better parking spot and lab aprons.) And seeing the smug look, complete with a tiny smarmy smile, on Dr. Ben's face was classic.

"Jack, dude, we gotta go! Guy's crazy, and I know crazy!" (Hurley, as Richard and Jack settle in for a little chit chat over a steadily burning fuse attached to mega-unstable dynamite.)

And then Jack, laughing, asks Richard if he wants to try another stick. Oh the close-call-rendezvous-with-death-gallows-humor! (Stop it!)

Hmm...FLocke/Smokey doesn't want Ben to die after all. He wants Ben to play on his team.

Suddenly freed, Ben makes a run for it with Ilana in hot pursuit, while over in SidewaysVille, Dr. Linus makes his power play, and is faced with a very tough decision regarding Alex. Then, back on the island, a desperate Ben tries to explain his dastardly actions (also regarding Alex) to Ilana.

That's when my grinchy Ben heart grew nine sizes too large. As a tearful Ilana forgave him and assured him he was welcome to stay on her team, I forgave him too. And when Dr. Linus listened to a joyful Alex tell him about her glowing letter of recommendation from Principal Reynolds, told her he would see her at History Club at 4:00 and watched her walk away with a peaceful look on his face, I wanted to reach through the TV and give him a hug. A big ol' bear hug.

There is hope. There is forgiveness. There is redemption.

And Dr. Ben gave his parking spot to Arzt to boot.

The closing scene on the beach was absolutely perfect, wasn't it? Yes.

However, the submarine that looked like it was a toy in a bathtub was a little ridiculous. What is Charles Widmore up to now?

Now if only ABC would please stop reminding me there are only 9 episodes left, to the tune of Leonord Cohen's Bird on a Wire, because I just can't take it. I prefer to live in blissful denial, with my head stuck in the island sand like an ostrich. Thank you.

What did you think?


  1. Lots of great moments last night! It was so good to have a feel-good episode after that creepy one last week with Sayid! Great to see this side of Ben. Loved it!

  2. This was an excellent recap/thoughts post as usual.

    I was very happy to see Hurley again, and laughed out loud when he was waking up saying "cheese curds".

    I'm not sure about Ben. He has done so many dastardly deeds that I don't believe he's truly repentant. I enjoyed Sideways Ben, but am still afraid of Island Ben.

  3. Well I am lost as far as Lost goes, never even heard of it.

  4. nice recap, i am with you on every part, even the hearting ben, he is adorable with his buggy eyes!!!

  5. I actually gave up on Lost this season. Maybe we'll watch it when it comes out on DVD but I was just over it. Can you believe it?

    I have to say, though, that after reading this now I'm intrigued. :-)

  6. I definitely think this was the best episode yet this season. I'm with you on the reminders. Ignorance can truly be bliss, let me think it will go on forever.

  7. I missed the book. good call.

    The episodes seem to be going "light, dark, light, dark." Makes me fearful for Sawyer in his episode next week. My fingers are still crossed for him.

  8. Yippee!! I'm so glad someone else saw The Chosen. Check out my post, I sort of reviewed it here:

  9. Musings of a Housewife: Oh you MUST jump back on the rollercoaster that is LOST--if not now, then when this season comes out on DVD. Don't give up on it, it's toooooo good. :)

    Lee: If your alternating theory is right, then I'm worried abuot what might happen to Sawyer when we see him next week (bites nails nervously)!

    Natasha: If you ever get a chance you should watch LOST on DVD from the beginning. I think you'd like it!

    Jill: I know, I hope Ben is truly now on the up and up. :)

    Tutu & Lee: I wonder if The Chosen implies anything????? Could it be a clue????

    EverydayMOM & PJs: This was my favorite episode so far too.


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