An Open Letter to an Anonymous Scumbag Slimeball

Dear Scumbag Slimeball (AKA Weenie Punk),

We don't yet know who you are, but we know what you did for several hours on Tuesday. First a shopping spree down at the Wal-Mart on the other side of Houston. The sympathetic side of me knows times are tough all over (in the words of the Clinton campaign, it's the economy, stupid) and briefly hoped you were buying essentials like baby formula, diapers and food.

You dashed those feeble hopes when you and your friends caught the early bird movie at an AMC theater later that morning.

And when you eventually finished up your day-o-freeloading (AKA STEALING) with another shopping spree at Target, I no longer naively believed you purchased life sustaining essentials because your food stamps ran out.

Who knows what you bought or what movie you and your friends watched with my husband's money. I doubt you feel even an inkling of guilt over your bad behavior, punk. Did the popcorn you paid for with a stolen credit card choke just a bit? I hope so.

The sad thing is, once my husband caught on to your thievery and notified the credit union (and the police) yesterday, you probably just pulled out another scammed card and went on your merry, thieving way.


Victimized and Violated in Houston


  1. Ooh, I'm so sorry!! If I ever see that guy I will punch him in the face!

  2. oh Holly....I'm so sorry :( What an icky feeling.....

  3. Well put Holly.

    So far, mine has only been stolen 3 or 4 times over the internet and attempted to be used overseas, and luckily my bank caught it every time.

  4. Grrrr.... You are right, once that card ran out they probably just pulled out another one. So wrong. I actually work for a bank investigating fraud like that - it is shocking how rampant it is. Billions each year are lost.

  5. So sorry. And so frustrating. I had a zippered pouch stolen around Thanksgivig in which I kept credit cards I rarely used, along with gift cards, "rewards cards" like from CVS, etc. I was shocked at how non-helpful my credit card companies were. And I have yet to get Chase to even remove the fraudulent charges because they said I never called about them. Yet they did cancel my stolen card and issue a new one. Oyi! And have the police done anything? I am sure a quick scan of a security tape would be pretty helpful. Again, so sorry. I know you just feel so violated.

  6. Oh my goodness, I'd be scandalized for sure. How did they get your card??

  7. We don't know how they got the number since Scott didn't lose his card or anything. It might have been through some sort of card reader that steals numbers from the swipey places at stores and then a dummy card made (???).

    It was Scott's debit card, and we didn't have a clue until he tried to use it Tuesday night and it was declined.

    Thankfully the credit union is going to reimburse the theft charges!!

    It's scary and sad that these things happen ALL THE TIME. Natasha and Jillian, I'm so sorry you've dealt with this too (esp. so many times for you Natasha)!


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