Peter Cottontail Has Left the Building

It's pretty sad that Easter is three days away and there is not an egg, bunny or basket in sight around here. I have done nothing remotely festive or decorative to acknowledge Easter's fast approach. Who wants to come live with me, hmm?

I feel like Easter has deceived me this year and has totally sneaked up on me. Of course, I think I say that every year. Who gave Easter the authority to move its little ol' self around from year to year anyway? Can't our holidays have some stability?

Thank goodness Uncle Dan and Aunt Jerry sent us this adorable stackable spring chick otherwise we would be complete Easter losers. Isn't it cute? Please pardon the pink crinkly grass oozing out of the lids; stuffing it all back inside would require way too much effort on my part. The chick boxes are filled with oranges, cookies and jelly beans. Annelise has already tried to claim ownership of the jelly bean box and the cookie box. Smart girl.
Last night was Annelise's Easter program at school. The kindergarten, first and second graders all sang and the older kids acted out a short skit. Sadly, we did not get there in ample time to scout out and claim adequate seats that would lend themselves to photo documentation. Sigh. This was pretty much our view for the whole show. Pitiful, no?
Needless to say I took only two photos of the whole program and gave up in a huff of bitterness and frustration (totally our fault for not getting their earlier...kick, kick). I could have been rude and stood up from my seats to take pictures like some others did, not thinking about the people sitting behind me. But I didn't. I could have moved to the end of the aisle in the middle of the performances like some people did, possibly interrupting someone else's video-ing or picture taking and causing quite the spectacle. But I didn't.
I just enjoyed the music and the the occasional glimpses of Annelise's head or arms.
And made sure to snap a photo or two after the show.

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  1. Easter has sneaked up on me too and I haven't done a thing about it!


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