Strawberry Fields Forever


  1. OH MY GOSH-- those look so good! and it's so sunny there... wow. I'm seriously so tired of WINTER- blah.

    is there anything better than a fresh picked strawberry???

  2. Ohh, too fun!! Makes me want to quit work early, pick up the kid and head for the nearest local farm! Perfect weekend activity! Love the gorgeous photos.


  3. Thanks Patsy! Yesterday WAS a gorgeous spring day and was perfect for pickin' strawberries with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine. Before you know it though, we'll be suffering through blazing heat and soggy humidity!

    Our three buckets of berries ended up being 12 pounds!! We gave some to my dad & Peggy, I'll freeze some and make strawberry bread with the rest. We got a little carried away!

    GypsyMama: Oh if you can you should! :) This farm was hopping since it was Spring Break.

  4. Wow, this is making me feel like I live on a different planet rather than a different state!!

  5. my daughter, parents and nephews went to the same place the same day you did! I thought it was a bit early for the strawberries, some still a bit sour but good. will likely go back again next month too. and strawberry jelly is really good. especially if you freeze it and get it out later in the year….!


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