We Ain't Taking the Plane, Freckles {My LOST Thoughts}

While not as emotionally draining as last week's episode, I still enjoyed last night's Almost-All-Sawyer-All-the-Time episode treat, otherwise known as Recon. We were teased with a few more clues, peeked into Sawyer's Sideways life and the Island story moved painstakingly along. I don't know about you, but I am ready for a few more reunions (hello, just how long do we have to wait for Jin to find Sun???) and a little more action. But I'm not complaining, since there are now only 8 episodes left (getting out my sackcloth and ashes now) I am savoring each precious one.

In Sideways World Sawyer is a policeman and Miles is his partner. Apropos, no? The two closest to being criminals in the Island timeline are tasked with preventing crime. Did you not fall on the floor laughing when he gave the go word "LaFleur"?!?!?

Didn't Charlotte look gorgeous? Seeing her all glammed up instead of spewing blood was a nice twist. Too bad she stumbled across his secret folder instead of a t-shirt. It was sweet he tried to make amends, but puppy dog eyes and a sad sunflower (and a six-pack) weren't quite enough to win Charlotte back.

Love that Sawyer the Cop still reads!! About bunnies!! And time travel!!

And that he eats watches Little House on the Prairie!! I didn't think I could love Sawyer more, but now I do.

Sawyer the Cop is still tortured by his past and is obsessed with finding Anthony Cooper. Nothing new there. Glad to see him tell Miles the truth, moments before the car they were sitting in was rear-ended. Sawyer, being the upstanding policeman he is, ran after the hoodie wearing car crasher, who turned out to be, of course, Fugitive Kate. Sweet.

Back on the Island, FLocke gathered his team around in front of Crazy Claire's nest and tried to reassure them he would answer any questions after they took advantage of the daylight. It seemed like a cross between a corporate team building exercise and a Kumbaya campfire moment.

FLocke sent Sawyer on a recon mission to Hydra Island after confessing he was the smoke thing. Why Sawyer you ask? Because he's the best liar FLocke ever met. And that's saying something isn't it?

Crazy Claire attacked Kate with a scary knife, while an amused Sayid looked on and offered no assistance. Oh Sayid, what has gotten into you? Oh yeah, EVIL. FLocke rescued Kate, scolded Crazy Claire (could someone please get her some bi-polar meds and a hairbrush pronto?), told Kate that in fact he was NOT a dead man, and explained to Kate the problem with crazy mothers causing their children to have, ahem, growing pains.

Like turning into evil smoke monsters wreaking havoc and leaving death and destruction in their path?

So...was FLocke warning Kate so she can keep Crazy Claire away from Aaron? We'll see.

Poor Kate, one minute Crazy Claire has you pinned down with a knife at your throat and the next she's sobbing in the jungle, begging for forgiveness and y'all are hugging it out. That falls in the Too Much category.

I didn't trust Zoe from the start, I'm glad Sawyer saw right through her as well. Will Sawyer keep his agreement with Charles Widmore? Will he keep his agreement with FLocke? Is he just playing one side against the other and ultimately looking out for #1? Will he really help Kate leave the island via the submarine?

I don't know. Yet. He is the best liar ever, you know.


  1. I thought it was amusing that Sawyer and Miles were cops in sideways world, and I decided that Sawyer has me so convinced he's a conman that I had a hard time viewing him as a cop...that's good acting right?

    Poor Kate, that was a whole of emotion to process. Don't you think her jeans are holding up nicely? I found myself wondering how their clothes are still in tact and what the women do when it's their time of the month, but then I remembered it's a TV show.

    I missed Hurley.

    Charlotte looked beautiful, and I was so glad she didn't take Sawyer back. Any guy who wigs out like that on a first date (with sex no less) canNOT be trusted!

  2. My friends think that Flocke's talk with Kate about crazy mothers was him trying to subtly convince Kate to kill Claire.

    I hate this show. Too much going ton. I'm so confused. I can't wait until it's all resolved in the finale (fingers crossed).

    They should have named this episode Eye Candy. Loved seeing so much of half naked Sawyer.

  3. I know, I find myself looking at their clothes and careful dirt makeup application to see if it's similar to the week before. Kate has been wearing that same sad grey t-shirt since joining the Dharma group and helping to save young Ben in Season 5.

    I always wonder about handling their bodily functions too, of course they never mention it. Except Hurley did in Season 1 to Jack.

    Each episode deserves at least a little Hurley. I missed him too!

  4. I'm with you. Loved a Sawyer based episode, but I needed more answers. And going from knife attack to hug? Sheesh. Whatever.

  5. Is anyone else bothered by this? Where the heck did Sun leave their daughter? Do you really think a Mom would leave her child, probably forever, to go find her husband, who may or may not be alive, on an island that is practically impossible to get off of? This has bothered me to no end! Plus, Kate goes off and leaves Aaron somewhere, everyone has to promise not to ask her about it. Will she tell Claire? Did she ever think she would return to Aaron after finding the island again? This maddens me about them both leaving their kids. Convenient how we've forgotten all about Sun and Jin's child. [stepping off that soapbox now] I did really enjoy so much of Sawyer, but when they started introducing new characters on Hydra Island I thought the statute of limitations should be envoked. They shouldn't be able to add new people when we don't even understand the ones we already have. And only 8 episodes left! Oh well, I'm sure we'll get it all figured out. (maybe?) I missed Jack, and Hurley.

  6. Sun left her daughter with her grandmother, Sun's Mom. And yes, I would leave my child with my mother to find my husband. I would go around the world or to the unknown to find my man.

    I think the little hand holding session was a devious move on evil CLaire's part to try to get closer to Kate (didn't work).

    I am beginning to mourn already the ending. The birds on a wire song isn't helping any, I find myself very sad just thinking about it! i will have a huge hole in my life!! how sad am I????

  7. Anne: Yeah, I wonder what FLocke was trying to tell Kate. Taking *care* of the Crazy Claire problem should be interesting.

    J at PJs till Noon: You're right, lots and lots of Sawyer was certainly entertaining!

    BriteCloud: I think Sun left her daughter with her mom and Kate gave Aaron to his grandmother (Claire's mom). You are right about them not knowing if they'd ever get back to their children and that does bother me too. I guess they feel the kids are in good hands and they have an important task to do (finding Jin, helping Claire). Maybe we shouldn't over think some aspects of the storylines--ha!! :)

    I also agree about feeling frustrated when they introduced MORE characters (Widmore's sub team, dead Ajira passengers??). Tie up the loose ends you've already dangled please!!

    Mzzterry: I will feel the same way when it ends! Thank goodness for DVDs!

  8. It was a good episode. And Charlotte is gorgeous. I didn't love her on the island, but I did love her in sideways world. I have a hard time believing that Claire has really forgiven Kate, and I totally think Flocke is trying to get Kate to kill Claire.

    So, if Flocke wants off and Widmore wants on, where's the problem.

  9. yall crack me up....I will never catch up... LOL!!!

  10. Chloe: Yeah, why can't they just trade places? I guess that would be too easy. :)

    Heather: I know, isn't it SILLY that I obsess about this crazy TV show and write blog posts about it each week?!?!? Oh well, it's fun.

    Just let me know whenever you're ready and hook you up with Season 1(and the rest) on DVD. :)

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  12. Who is this Anonymous and why do they keep leaving inane messages on your blog and mine?? (I know it's probably not the same Anonymous, but you know what I mean.)


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