Bullet Points, Get Your Fresh Bullet Points Here

Ever have one of those days when your brain has a lot to say, or at least thinks it does, yet it does not seem to have the cognitive where-with-all to say this abundance of thought in an organized, cohesive and highly entertaining way?

Yeah. That.

Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy night. (man, I love Bette Davis)

*I ran this morning for the first time since the race on Sunday. It felt surprisingly good. This was probably a combination of a distance of only 3 miles instead of 13.1 and a cool breeze instead of a sauna, but still, it was a good run.

*Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen can be a highly motivating running song.

*I do need some new running tunes to add to my play lists though. Any faves to share?

*You know I am a fan of running skirts, but I'm also a fan of Nike tempo track shorts. They are cool, breezy and quite comfy. I'm a little more thigh-paranoid when I wear them (also self-conscious of the right side muffin-top--did you know I'm uneven?--since they hit more on the hip), but love them anyway (the shorts, I still need to learn to love my thighs). I only have one pair, basic black, but have promised myself a new pair--with accent color--soon.

*I'm experiencing a bit of an annoying tingly numbing sensation on my right foot/toes when I run. I don't think my laces are too tight, but my shoes are still new, so that might be part of it.

*Near the end of the race Sunday I noticed I had developed sausage fingers, which pretty much freaked me out since it's never happened before. I imagined myself passing out and lying by the side of the road and the medical motorcycles having to come and get me. Later that day things returned to normal, so I'm not sure what it was. Dehydration? Sodium out of whack?

*I wish I was more low-maintenance because all the running/exercise combined with higher temps which leads to sweatier, mangier hair faster which requires more frequent shampoos and therefore more blow-drying and flat-ironing, which leads to more sweating. It's a vicious cycle. It makes me cranky.

*Last night was just filled to overflowing with TV goodness (I realize how lame this might sound). I kept checking the DVR to make sure everything was set to record and there wouldn't be any DVR timer crisis (again, so lame, but true).

*Glee is back. That is all.

*Kate Gosselin REALLY needs to be kicked off DWTS. Why is she STILL there? Why was she even there in the first place? Well, exploitation of course. Do viewers feel really sympathy for her and keep voting for her? People, please! It's a freak show.

*I don't know if anyone noticed the absence of my LOST thoughts recently, or if anyone cares (don't all respond at once, it might crash the system), but lately I haven't been feeling the LOST recap mojo. I think I'm in a period of early mourning or something. I've been savoring each episode though and soaking up each moment of perfect LOST television. And wanting to reach through the screen to give Hurley and Desmond (DESMOND!!) big ol' bear hugs.

*It's official, I am hooked, okay, obsessed with playing Words With Friends on my iPhone. It's still new to me, and I'm slowly learning the strategies, but it's loads of fun if you like Scrabble. (I'm also a fan of run-on sentences, commas and the word and.) Are you playing too? Wanna play a game with me? I'm Holly68.

Hmm...looks like that's all I've got for now, which as it turns out is not that much after all.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. If I had an iPhone I would play the game with you. That game is one of the main reasons I'm coveting a phone so bad. ;)

    I don't watch Lost, or DWTS, or Glee, so no comment.

    Yea for continuing to run. My SIL, who is a doctor, has mentioned the importance of sodium when running more than once. I hate Gatorade, but now I drink it when in long races (like I've done that many-ha!) just in case.

  2. I miss your Lost recaps! Desmond!! I know! He had perfect skin and hair in the sideways flash, don't you think? He and Hurley are getting a lot of airtime here at the end and I love it.

  3. I just downloaded all of Michael Jackson's hits and some other nostalgia like Billy Squire, The Eagles and Bon Jovi. 80's + hairbands = scary and awesome memories all at the same time. I have never been a fan of Kate. It could've gotten sorta nasty on my blog if I'd really written what I think. And I did lose one facebook friend over the whole mess. So yes...she needs to go.

  4. I have noticed and missed your LOST posts and have been wondering what happened. I now think of Locke as Flocke because of you. I have been enjoying Hurley and Desmond as well. Thank you Brotha.

    I hate being overheated so I would be grumpy about all the increased hair styling as well.

    I don't watch DWTS, but was excited about Glee last night and laughed all through it. Sue Sylvester is my favorite, everything she says makes me laugh.

  5. I can get sausage fingers just by walking through the mall. If you figure out what that is about, let me know! It drives me nuts.

    You always make me want to be a runner girl.

  6. I am so with you... Kate needs to go. Pam too, I really can't take the sultry siren thing. Ugh. Glee though! Love it!!

  7. Oh my goodness--I love Running Thoughts! Hold on, I'm gonna have a lot to say in response.

    1. I am also uneven! I thought it was just me, and at first I thought it was just my imagination. But no--my muffin (or, exploding bread dough...) bounces more on the left. Grizzle.

    2. I am SO enamored of Queen on my running mixes. Lately I love "Somebody to Love." But yep--Fat Bottomed Girls would do the trick.

    3. I have some goodies on my running mix. Want me to burn ya one?

    4. I have Tingle-Foot, too. Let us discuss. It's the ball of my foot, just the right foot. What the CRAP?!?

    xo to you

  8. Crystal: My MT (muffin top) is bigger on the right. Sweet. I'm always tugging the shorts up or the top down trying to spare any retina damage to any in the vicinity.

    I don't know what is causing the toe numbness, unless it's the change in style of shoes. It usually starts after three or four miles and doesn't really go away.

    I'd love to know what you're running to these days! I should add Queen's Somebody to Love--I only have the glee version. I have a few songs by Cake that are fun and different.


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