Easter Recap {Um, Can I Call a Do-Over?}

Annelise's class celebrated Easter a little early with a party on Thursday. We kept things low key and simple by having the kids bring their own sack lunches and eat together (the half-day class and the full day).

Can you tell that Annelise was excited?
I don't know if it was eating lunch in her classroom instead of the cafeteria or the fact that there was cake.
My money is on the cake.
Since time was in a bit of a crunch we didn't do a craft but they did play Easter bingo with jelly beans for markers. Instead of numbers there were words related to Easter which was neat.
Earlier that morning they went on something of a Resurrection hunt. Their teachers hid items around the school that had to to with Jesus' death and resurrection that they had made earlier in the week. Cool, huh?
Annelise also made her own set of Resurrection Eggs and got to bring them home. I loved listening to her explain what was in her basket and tell me what each egg represented!

After that, the wheels kind of came off of our traditional Easter-ing.
Instead of our annual local egg hunt, that's over in approximately 3.5 minutes, she went to a friend's birthday party. She was so over-the-top excited about Z.'s party that she didn't even ask about the egg hunt. Whew! We had tentative plans to dye eggs that evening, but that fell apart as soon as I broke out in goosebumps and aches. And stomach cramps.
Later that evening, Scott fell victim too.
His constitution recovered by Easter morning. Sadly, mine had not. For most of the day I felt like demons were playing sinister tether ball with my intestines.
And...I'll leave it at that.
I did manage to take a few pictures of Annelise Sunday morning during a brief tether ball timeout.
She was thrilled with her basket (thankfully I had gotten all that together before Potty Party 2010) which was filled with treats from the $ spot at JoAnn's and the 100 Bible Heroes storybook.
After church, Scott and Annelise went over to what I'm sure was a delicious lunch at my dad and Peggy's house while I was, ahem, indisposed. While she enjoyed hunting eggs with her cousins (Peggy's grandsons),
I think rolling in the mud with her cousins over the last plastic egg, climbing trees, playing basketball and water balloon wars were the highlights of her Easter afternoon. (No photo documentation because Scott, the fill-in photographer, was also tasked as the official knot tie-r.)
However, I can only imagine.

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