A Little Hodge with a Dash of Podge

I'm not quite sure how I've missed so many days of blogging but it might have a little something to do with being away at a Ladies' Retreat over the weekend. It was nice to get away and spend some time with friends laughing, eating, singing, praying and studying God's word. Oh, and a little more laughing and eating too. This was the second year we've stayed at a delightful lodge about 45 minutes out into the country. There are comfy guest rooms, a large dining room and a cozy great room that is decorated within an inch of its coordinated life.
We had some time to reflect and write in our journals and the overstuffed chair in the far corner beside two huge windows overlooking the pond and peaceful scenery was the perfect spot for me. I had brought Harry (still working my way through #4, have you seen how huge it is?) with me and wanted to creep back over there later to escape into the adventures at Hogwarts, but I never did.
Things finished up Sunday morning with a devotional and communion, then it was back to reality. On the drive home I stopped like a stalker and took a picture of this:
Believe it or not, this law office was my grandparent's house many years and another town ago. My mom grew up in this house and Scott and I even lived in it for a few years after we got married, before we built our home. We sold it to a house mover who then sold it to someone who moved it to this teeny tiny town (where our Ladies' Retreat happened to be). Does that make a hill of beans worth of sense? It made me so happy to drive by it and visit it (at least from a distance) and know that it is still being used.
I'm thankful I was all rested up after the retreat, because bright and early this morning I had to help Annelise's class with their art project for the upcoming school auction. We decided to make and decorate a family set (mom, dad and child) of aprons that could be bid on as a group. One of the mom's graciously offered to sew the aprons (yay!!) and then two other moms came to help me this morning with the painting. We tried to do it in an organized way and thankfully no paint disasters occurred. Since they had to paint two different hand prints, then a thumbprint and then write their names once the paint dried, it basically took all morning.
Don't laugh, but somehow I ended up with the honor of turning their thumbprints into butterflies or caterpillars. See?
Whaddya think?
Again, I must bless her Kindergarten teacher's heart. I was only helping with this for about three hours, yet came home exhausted and in dire need of coffee and chocolate. Day in and day out with a room of five and six year olds, yikes!
I sure hope people bid on them!

Well, there's my latest hodge with a side of podge. What's new with you?


  1. How nice to have a weekend getaway like that! When I was Griffin's kinder room mom, I often wondered how the teacher survived too!

  2. Your retreat place looks so comfortable and nice. That chair would have called out to me too, it's just too bad you didn't get any time with Harry there.

    How crazy that someone moved your old house. I always think house moving is bizarre anyway, but it must have been crazy to see a place that is such a part of your life in a completely different town.

    The aprons are darling! I am always exhausted after helping in my kids' classrooms, but the combination of little kids and paint would definitely make the task that much more challenging.

  3. that is amazing about the house! and pretty cool that you know where it is!

  4. I was on a retreat too! But ours was in a hotel style building at a local church camp. Still wonderful though.

    Love the aprons. I'm sure they will bring a good bid.

  5. First off, PLEASE TELL ME THOSE ARE YOUR KILLER SILVER SHOES! Oh, they are delectable.

    Secondly, I love that you used the phrase "hill of beans." My fav Southern girl.

    Thirdly, you are a kindergarten superwoman.

  6. Crystal: I recently treated myself to a pair of zebra flats from Target, they have a metallic sheen to them and make me feel pseudo-hip. :)


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