More Intentional Mornings

My effort to make my mornings more intentional got off to a wee bit of a rocky start today.
Instead of lacing up my running shoes this morning when my alarm went off like I had planned, I talked myself into settling back into bed with Harry Potter #5, a cat and my coffee beside me. I could (should) have done my bible study lesson, but Harry's pull was way too strong.
After a quick shower and the tossing on of some clothes (go-to black shirt and bermudas), Annelise said, "Wow, you look good this morning!" I guess she has grown tired of my unshowered, t-shirt I slept in, same jeans all week regular morning look.
I then multi-tasked the making of a hot (!!) breakfast, lunch and snack, while these guys were staring at me from their respective perches. It's time for these freaky Grow Pets to find a new home. They have been living, growing and shrinking on our kitchen counter since Easter.
Annelise then exclaimed, "You scrambled me an egg?!?!?" and then proceeded to gobble it up in between ear to ear grins. She is, after all, a simple girl, with simple pleasures. They are having achievement testing the next few days at her school (I don't think the Kindergartners are doing that, but they are having reading readiness type testing, so a note came home yesterday encouraging healthy breakfasts, good night's sleep, etc., hence the egg.)
Soon it was time to make our way to school.
Thankfully, we have a short drive which is usually filled with a little chit chat and a morning prayer.
After a quick hug and smooch while leaning over the seat, my little girl dashed into school.
I trudged back home (well, my car did).
Made the bed, started some laundry and then cleaned up the breakfast detritus. Oh, by the way, I am completely obsessed with these lime striped dishrags I picked up at TJ Maxx a while back (see it peeking in over there on the left?). One side is the soft absorbent microfiber and the other is a nylon scrubby material. How did I survive before them?
Then I did something kind of backwards. Even though I had already showered (but not my hair, that would have been a deal breaker) and was dressed, the slight breeze and slightly cooler temperature whispered in my ear, "You really, really, really should go for a run. How else are you going to atone for the Double Stuf Oreo Fest 2010?"
Granted, 3 miles isn't much of an atonement, but at least it's a start.
I'll keep you posted on my more intentional mornings (and hopefully even days). I already feel better.
Do you struggle with being more intentional or purposeful with your mornings (or days)? What works for you?


  1. good for you. and YES! I have gotten so bad about laying back down and that throws off the whole day! and w/ my kids schedules trying to fit in afternoon workouts is crazy!

  2. DO NOT discount your 3 mile atonement!!! Way to go, especially since you'd already showered! I would have called the day a loss and gone back to reading Harry.

  3. I struggle with intention in general, at all times of day. I know what I need to be doing, I just don't do it.

    Harry Potter 6 was my favorite book. I saw Twenties Girl peeking out of a picture there--I had that from the library but didn't even finish it. Too similar to other stories to be worth my time.

    Annelise might love living in my house--scrambled eggs every morning, served with sliced ham some days, fruit some days, toast some days, biscuits other days. Trying to give my kids a more filling breakfast so the ones at home aren't begging for food 20 minutes after the big kids have gone to school. Not really working, but I feel good about making a hot breakfast every morning.

  4. Nicole: I guess I struggle not so much with intention, but the following through/action--that's where I seem to fall short! :)

    I just finished Harry #5 and almost boo-hooed--so sad, well, bittersweet at least!! Now I'm diving into #6.

    Yes, Annelise would love that! She gobbled up her scrambled egg again this morning--I wonder if she'd get tired of them?

  5. Mine have never once complained about eating scrambled eggs every day. I usually give myself a break by serving cereal one weekend morning each week.


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