Put Me In the Zoo

What do you do when you have an extra day off from school and no plans penciled into your date book?

Well, I guess when you're in Kindergarten you probably don't have a date book.


Since it was a lovely spring day, your mom was feeling human again (thanks to a big swig of Imodium A.D.) and your dad took the day off work, you go to the zoo of course!

And this time you actually go inside. Which is, of course, a bonus.

First things first, you must get a lay of the land, gather your bearings, plot a course of attack. This requires focused concentration. How thrilled are we that she can read now?

Thanks to the popularity of Meerkat Manor (at least in our house, however I've never quite recovered since the death of Flower), we decided to visit the meerkats first.We paused for a family portrait in front of the graceful giraffes. As I was attempting to take a self-portrait--granted it was quite a challenge to get all of us and a giraffe--a passerby offered to take our picture. Instead of trying to explain the concept and philosophy of self-portraits, I handed her my camera and said thank you. Next we paid our respects to the Asian elephants, including the baby of the bunch. Isn't it cute? What looked like a perfect opportunity for a photograph resulted in this:
Obviously stopping for 45 seconds to pose for a picture put a cramp in her zoo animal viewing schedule and so she gave me the Plastic Fantastic Mannequin Wannabe smile. I'm learning I have to capture her when she least expects it, otherwise I get the mannequin pose. Sigh.

Since it was early afternoon, many of the animals were snoozing. Like these leopards.
Which way to the monkeys? Better check the map again...
It's so interesting to see all the variations within one species of animal, each with different physical features suited for its habitat; such a wonderful reminder of God's creation and detailed plan.
Our tummies were growling for some lunch (and not really zoo fare), so we started wrapping it up. We visited most of the animals except for the reptiles and amphibians, which were skipped by mutual consent. Or maybe it was two out of three.

However, we did stop by the flamingos on the way out.
We had just enough time for a train ride around Hermann Park too.
Which was a hit, even though it wasn't on the map.


  1. I may have to pass my "Mappy Maperson" title onto Annelise!!! LOVE the flamingo photo. Someday we need one with all of us and real birds! hahaha SO glad you had a fun day!

  2. Kim: Maybe y'all can share the title of Mappy McMappersons. Ha! Did you catch the map sticking out of her pocket? She held onto that thing for dear life the whole time we were at the zoo.

    We couldn't pass up the flamingos! That would have been oh so wrong.

  3. This looks like a nice zoo. Our zoo doesn't have meerkats, but we saw them at the San Diego Zoo and found them quite endearing.


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