SPT: Gimme a Break

(and break me off a piece of that KitKat bar too)

This afternoon, after a stressful day in Kindergarten for the hip-high crowd and refrigerator angst for me (thankfully all is well now, $300 later of course) we took a short literary break this afternoon.

With me on the recliner and Annelise sprawled on the beanbag that mysteriously appeared downstairs moments after I suggested she grab a few books and get comfy, we each escaped into our books.

Fancy Nancy for her (along with a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, a Skechers comic and a couple others) and Harry Potter for me (I'm nearing the end of #4, HP and the Goblet of Fire, and, may I say, I am positively bewitched by Harry and his friends).
It was a delightful little break.
Even without a KitKat bar.
Be sure to visit Lelly's blog to see how others take their breaks.


  1. This is what I do when I need a breather too, it's a cheap, easy, readily available escape and I love it!

  2. No Kit Kat- now that's just too bad! So nice that your daughter will sit and read with you without insisting on being read to.

  3. That is a SUPERB photo!!! Love it.

  4. neither jack nor i has gotten into the HP buzz. we're all Olympians (the Greek kind) these days. i love to see children learning the fine art of relaxing with a good read!

  5. Monkey Bunch: I wish we'd had a KitKat--but then I guess I'd have had to share with Annelise. :)

    Lelly: I've read two of the Percy Jackson series and really liked them. I'm late to the HP craze after resisting it for years--now I'm hooked!

    Thanks Crystal! I find myself using my iPhone more for pictures because it's usually with me and I'm inherently lazy.

    Jill: You are right, books make the BEST escape!

  6. There is nothing like escaping into a book.


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