To Honk or Not to Honk, That is the Question

In an attempt to exit the HEB parking lot the other day, after a mad dash for essentials like bread, half and half for my coffee and Double Stuff Oreos just because (yeah, the Revolution is kind of on hiatus), I pulled up behind a car in the left turn position with its hazard lights on.

Now, in my little world some people use their hazards when their cars are completely shut down on the side of the road but people also drive with them on, albeit s-l-o-w-l-y.

Since there were two people sitting in the car on the edge of the turn lane, I thought this car fell into to the latter category, so I waited.

I soon realized I may have been wrong when two cycles of All Clear Go, Go Now Moments had passed with no movement.

I had a choice to make. Back up or tap my horn.
What to do, what to do.

Most people are either car honkers or they're not. People are also either horn lay-it-on-ers or polite tappers. Aggressive horn honking, unless completely warranted in a dangerous necessary situation, makes me cringe. I also hate being the recipient of a honk. I tend to take it as a personal assault on my driving character. Why can't we all just be friends anyway?

Granted, sometimes horns are necessary. I'm not an impulsive horn honker at all, I must have an important reason (at least to my brain). I am also always afraid my honks will be the spark that sets off an already unstable individual in the middle of his or her already bad day and a brouhaha will therefore ensue, my honk being of course the catalyst. Over think things much? When I do honk, it's usually a polite tap. Are we still friends?

Anyway, back to the HEB parking lot.

I tapped my horn. One petite honk. A beep really.

The driver, a woman, with her teenage son in the passenger seat, opened her door and proceeded to walk. toward. my. car.

I imagined her going all kinds of crazy on me while Annelise took it all in from her booster seat.


She never really looked at me as she walked to the back of her car, but imagine the sourest, snottiest, if sarcasm could be demonstrated this was it, exaggerated movements as she muttered to herself and pointed to her left blinking tail light and then her right blinking tail light, each with extra wrist flicking. She then turned in a huff and got back in her car.

Seriously, lady?

Up until her rear bumper performance I was prepared to offer my cell phone or other help if I could, and maybe I still should have, but her show convinced me she was not only angry, she was possibly nuts. Plus, she made me mad.

I went around her.

But not necessarily on the high road.

Now, my nosy little self wants to know: Are you pro-honk, anti-honk or somewhere in between? Are you a tapper or an all out let it rip kind of honker?


  1. I'm a very reluctant honker. I hate to use it, and I try not to unless it is a situation that warrants it. I just like to be nice and assume the best of everyone--way less stressful for me.

  2. I always wish cars came equipped with 2 different horns. One for those friendly little reminder moments, and then a meaner sounding one. I tend to get my feelings hurt when I get honked at, which is ridiculous, but true. So, I really don't like honking at other people, but when you're sitting at a green light behind somebody who is not going, I wish I had a friendly little beep to toss their way. I think I would have given the hazard light demonstration woman the mean honk as I drove by -- so rude!

  3. people, people.......why is the world so angry?! Is it a lack of God-like love in their lives? Oh me....
    I ONLY gently honk if someone is about to plow into us. Or if some poor animal is scared and stalls in the middle of the road.
    Otherwise, I mind my own business.
    Yet, I'm a little irritated with this person, picking on sweet you!
    In NYC a few weeks ago (and in China almost 7 years ago) they honk constantly. I mean, ALL THE TIME. I find it very rude. Embarassing. Maybe a southern thing? I don't know.....

  4. just call me honkie honkerson. But in a sweet, kind and Christian way.


  5. Glad to know I'm not the only hesitant honker.

    Heather! I didn't realize you were so quick to honk. :)

    Kelly: I think your idea of having our cars equipped with two kinds of horns is brilliant!


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