Two Out of Three (so far) Isn't Too Shabby

(I first typed ain't in my title, you know, for a more colorful language effect, but I just couldn't go through with it.)

Remember the other day when I proclaimed how I was trying to be more purposeful/intentional with my mornings, and hopefully therefore my entire days? Well, I stumbled a little right out of the gate. In the spirit of full disclosure I will tell you I spent most of Wednesday finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (#5), mourning the ending (I was not prepared for THAT, *sob*), reconciling my feelings about Harry and his friends, their future, taking a deep cleansing breath and diving into HP #6 (the Half Blood Prince).

Aren't you proud of me?

I tried to talk to Scott about everything that has happened to Harry and his friends and explain my surprise realization of how attached I have become to HP and crew (and the fact JK Rowling made me cry). He was trying to be a good sport, but he shut me down pretty quickly and said he wanted to watch the movies (from #4 on). As fate would have it, Netflix had sent HP and the Goblet of Fire so we decided to watch it after bible class and bedtime for A. last night. I even popped popcorn! (Well, the microwave did). Annelise, of course, had her popcorn radar out and came downstairs asking, "What smells like popcorn?" 820 times and we ignored her queries and told her to scoot on back to bed. As I was munching I kept thinking, "Man, this is good for 95% fat-free kettle corn! Why are my fingers getting so greasy? ", but I kept on smacking. Turns out it was not the fat-free version. Oh well, it was good.

Not even halfway through the movie Scott started remembering that he had watched HPATGOF on PPV back in the day (back when I scoffed at all the HP obsessed fans and all the HP brouhaha), so since it was getting late (we are such party poopers) he said I could finish watching it at my leisure. He did promise to join me for HPATOOTP when it arrives from Netflix.

Anyway, thank goodness the Lord's mercies are new every morning and I took advantage...

(No, it's not just a re-posting of Tuesday's photo even though I know it looks eerily similar. Today I wore pink.)

Later, after I rinsed some of the sweat off, and started making Annelise's breakfast (scrambled egg & assorted sides again, can I get a HOLLA?), Annelise busied herself drawing something. When I was cleaning up she sneaked her little mailbox onto the counter with *mail* for me. Can you tell that's us? I want to remember moments and pictures like this when, probably not too far in the distant future, she is rolling her eyes and embarrassed by my very being.

After a quick blow dry of my sweaty hair edges, a spritz or two of Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton and throwing on a jacket over my tank, I was ready to take A. to school and hit HEB. Early-ish morning is the best time to shop our closest HEB, otherwise it's packed and hair-pulling worthy. I love HEB's produce and brand selection, things are usually easy to find--there is logic to their shelf stocking, and I can usually find everything we need (except for turkey pepperoni, what's up HEB?) Everything was fine and dandy and I was heading to the check out when another cashier popped over to *help* me unload my cart.

I found myself clenching not only the cart handle but some body parts too.

Soon my cart was empty and all of my groceries were in a hodge podge pile on the conveyor belt like my cart had vomited. There was no organized grouping of produce, dairy, meat, pantry items, etc.

I somehow managed to thank her between my clenched teeth and tried to block the experience from my mind.

Things got worse when my bagger applied absolutely no logic or reason to his bagging duties. Please, please, utilize the strength and capacity of my canvas bags (and I'm begging), don't stuff two bags of Sun Chips, one bag of granola and (my new favorite) whole wheat sandwich thins (have y'all tried these? they are round and less bread-y--perfect for sandwiches), call it done and place everything else in 15 separate plastic bags.

Cue more clenching.

And my passive aggressive singing (in my head) of Supertramp's Logical Song.

Now I guess I better scurry off to make my afternoon a little more intentional too. Or at least shower. Stay tuned...Annelise and her Kindergarten posse have their first field trip tomorrow to Mario's Flying Pizza and I am one of the drivers.

I predict more clenching.


  1. Oh Holly, you make me giggle. I love your popcorn story. That picture Annelise colored for you is so sweet. Congrats on the awesome runs (why does that sound so bad?). Brian and I have resolved to get out everyday for a run at Memorial Park. I'm loving this weather...I'd like to think that it will be sticking around, but I know better. :(

  2. Oh, how I feel your pain, sister friend. Clenching here just reading about their non-respect for the food sorting that needs to take place on the conveyor belt.

  3. Oh lord I cannot even tell you how clenched I get with all the cart unloading help and the bad bagging. Seriously- drives me nuts.

  4. my daughter was talking today about how the people in the store cannot bag things right! in Target today we left our good bags in the car. we ended up w/ like five plastic bags. after K resorted, we really only needed two.

    when I do take my own in, I pretty much tell them to fill the bags up and make sure they add more to them when I know it can hold more. I just don't get the way they bag stuff!!

  5. I'm glad you ended up with the tasty popcorn instead of the fat-free stuff, that "ain't" popcorn!

    Congratulations on running again AND on making eggs and assorted sides for Annelise. My kids get their own cereal or toast a bagel in the morning, they would pass out if I actually made them something hot on a school day.

    I thought grocery store people went through a training process, what is up with the random bagging and such? I would have been clenched as well.


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