Across the Sea {My LOST Thoughts}

I realize I have been in some sort of denial these last several weeks over the swiftly approaching end to LOST. Maybe I've been in this denial most of the season, I don't really know because I'm in denial. It's a defense mechanism I refer to as dying animal syndrome, or in my case, dying cat syndrome. You know how a sick animal will separate itself from its pack, slink away to hide and die alone? The pack goes on about its business and may or may not notice that one of its own is missing for some time. Ten years ago, when my 18 year old diabetic cat Omar was on his last furry leg and staying at the vet's office in intensive kitty care, Scott and I visited him faithfully and received regular phone updates on his approaching demise. I was in a state of denial about all of this and needed something positive to focus on. After one of our sick Omar visits we made a detour on the way home by our local SPCA to scout out possible Omar replacements.

I promise I am not evil and I do really have a heart, but this was my way of dealing with the impending loss of my faithful furry friend. A day or two later Omar passed peacefully from his kitty life and Scott and I were the proud parents of two kitten sisters, Spunky and Spooky (who are still with us today).


I've been exhibiting similar behavior with regard to LOST's eventual demise. Separating myself a bit, still watching but trying not to obsess, not writing my LOST thoughts, steeling myself for the last three hours and wondering which show will fill the huge gaping TV hole left by LOST once it's all over.


I'm still recovering from last week's so long Sun, Jin (SOB) and Sayid (SOB) submarine drama and wondering what FLocke is going to do next--with Jack?!?!? I did enjoy the sideways drama between Jack and John Locke in the hospital. There is hope!

Last night, I spent 98% of the episode thinking, "Why is CJ Cregg from the West Wing on the Island and why is she killing that sweet lady who looks like Minnie Driver that just gave birth?" along with, " How did CJ Cregg/FakeMama never age while Jacob and MIB did?" and also, "Just who exactly is this CJ Cregg/FakeMama anyway and what is growing in her hair?"

I kept waiting to see Martin Sheen come walking out of his jungle Oval Office.

I liked how CJ Cregg/FakeMama told young MIB that answering questions only leads to more questions, she must have known our pain as dedicated LOSTies. But I still didn't trust her. I have some what mixed feelings about Jacob and MIB (or maybe I'm just confused). And I think Jacob can be a little whiney.

At least we know who the Island's Adam and Eve are now. Sort of.

What did you think of last night's Across the Sea drama? Are you on Team Jacob or Team MIB? Are you in denial like me?


  1. I was kind of bugged by last night's episode and felt more confused than ever. I found myself thinking that if I hadn't been a dedicated LOST watcher all these years and had turned to that channel and seen even part of that show I would have turned the channel because of its stupidity! What is going on? I just keep thinking that they're going to have to do one Helluva wrap up to make this all make sense in the end.

  2. I kept thinking of Cain and Abel when they showed young Jacob and MIB. And then I thought that they weren't really weaving those rugs and surely they would have invented a shuttle instead of the ball of thread weaving in and out. And where did they smelt the metal for that knife? And how come 13 years later the "others" camp looked just as primitive as it did when the boys first found it? And didn't that "light" look pretty cheesy? And there is no way I could have not gone down and looked at the light. No. Way.

    Sometimes we use anger to separate us from a painful goodbye. Or at least sarcasm (see above rant).

  3. Oh! And how did they get such close haircuts? MamaMIB looked like she hadn't seen a scissor in decades.

    I'm just sayin'.

  4. I hate to say it (I'll probably be crucified) but I'm leaning to Team MIB. I just can't equate good with Mother and her lackey (Jacob).
    Not that MIB is good. But he never pretended to be.
    Mother (mommy killer) is supposed to be the good side?

  5. I'm still on Team Jacob. Holding out hope that the good guys are, in fact, good guys!

  6. I watched 2 episodes of this show and decided I would clearly have to decide between "Lost" or my sanity.

    I like the straightforward nature of "Top Chef."



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