If I Titled This Post Lame Would You Still Read It?

If you are brave enough, let's take a peek into my brain where I have a few burning, yet probably irrelevant questions, along with a couple random thoughts combined with a desire to show pictures taken this weekend when Annelise was playing outside. Lame, I know.

Are you with me anyway? Good.

What is the difference between salted and unsalted butter, besides, Miss Smartypants, the obvious presence or absence of said salt? For example, the last two batches of chocolate chip cookies I think I've used salted butter and the cookies were flatter, not as cookie-esque as I'd like. Yesterday I used unsalted butter and they came out perfect. Does the butter matter or is this just a happy coincidence?

I wish I was the type of person that could eat one or two cookies at a time, say they were perfectly delicious and not be tempted to up-end the jar into my mouth. Do those people really exist? If so, I despise them on principle.

They're probably the same people who forget to eat.

In that same vein of thought, I should probably confess my misplaced resentment toward a mom I see from time to time at Annelise's school. She's the same one I've mentioned before that lost weight last summer, except now I think she (after hearing certain murmurings) pulled a Star Jones and had super secret gastric bypass surgery last summer. Except it's probably not so super secret when you drop almost 100 lbs. in a few months. I guess it seems silly (shallow?) to feel jealous of her weight loss, not knowing her issues, but I guess in a weird way I am.

Can you tell I'm struggling with my own eating/exercise habits?
You know the photos in catalogs, magazines and blogs showing artfully arranged open shelving in the kitchen or dining room? The ones that make me drool and yearn to copy them? Does anyone in REAL LIFE actually have them? Really? Do these people have pets? How do you keep your dishes/cookware/glassware clean when they are sitting on an open shelf? Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fabulous look in a design sense, but in the real world there is dust, animal hair, etc. floating around all. the. time. Do you just rinse things off before you use them? Doesn't the use of open shelving increase your housekeeping chores? Is the visual payoff worth any extra effort? I'm really curious...
Can you believe we are already starting the month of May? Only 20 something more days of school.
We, and when I say we I mean Scott, moved our wicker chairs from the front of our house to the back to create a little sitting area on our back porch. It was one of those moments (and they are surprisingly frequent) when I say to myself, "WHY didn't I do this sooner?"
Right now is prime porch sitting season, before the asphalt starts to melt and the mosquitoes are in full force. Unfortunately prime porch season around here is dreadfully brief.
We better make the most of it.


  1. Beautiful pics thrown in there. Personally, I love your stream of consciousness posts so yeah, I'm hanging with you.

    Unsalted/salted butter...that's a good question. My cookies are flat by nature but I thought it was because I didn't chill the dough first. I always heard that was one way to keep the cookies from spreading out but I'm always rushing to get 'em done.

  2. I would still read your post if you titled it "Lame".

    I don't know the difference between salted and unsalted butter and tend to go back and forth between buying them. I tend to favor the salted butter because I think it tastes better on toast, but I could just be imagining that. I know a lot of recipes specify unsalted butter, but I use whatever I've got thawed at the moment.

    I'm with you on the cookies...who can only eat a couple and then walk away? My mother actually. She is the type who will eat a spoonful of dough and call it good...clearly I didn't get her will power genes!

    I'm curious about the open-shelving cleaning dilemma as well, and yes I would definitely rinse out any dishes openly displayed.

    Hooray for porch season!

  3. Loved hopping into your head!!! I've missed it this week!!! Amen to every part...the muff, the kitchen cabinets and the nearness of heat and mosquitos. Off to watch the best show ever!

  4. That last Olivia was really me...not sure why mom's name came up.

  5. I love that photo of the flower, the book & your iphone. THAT is Zen.

    Curses to people who drop 100lbs in a matter of months!


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