Just Beachy

One little girl's first real trip to the beach.

Even though we live only 30ish minutes away.

I know.

Loads of fun in the surf and sand.

Six sunburned shoulders (even with 50 spf.)

Sand in our sandwiches.

Attempt to carry everything back to the car in one poorly executed trip.

Me shouting out in frustration, "We are such hillbillies on parade!" (As another plastic Wal-Mart sack dropped to the sand.)



  1. Ruby has that suit! Do you like that book? I loved it. And finally, a plastic winter sled works great for hauling at the beach. (but do you have those in TX, I wonder??) :)

  2. Stephanie: YES! I loved The Forgotten Garden--hated for it to end, but I wanted her to unravel all the clues.

    I've never owned a sled, but it would make a nifty way to carry things at the beach. ;)

  3. Funny...my daughter has that suit too! It must be a popular suit. I {HEART} Lands End!

  4. This is Annelise's third Land's End suit and I've been happy with them all--especially once we learned about the convienence of their tankinis. The racer back styles were on sale when I ordered so maybe that's why they are so popular. :)

  5. How glorious to be reading that book while at the beach!!

  6. Jill: I highly enjoyed reading The Forgotten Garden and hated for it to end--although I wanted the mystery to unravel.


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