Slip Slidin' Away

Is there a better way to celebrate the swiftly approaching end of Kindergarten than with a water party? Annelise and her five and six year old crowd (there may be one or two seven year olds thrown in the mix too) certainly don't think so.
Not only was there a thrilling water balloon toss,
there was also a water squirter station and...
a bubble station. Which of course I have no pictures of because Annelise was not really in a bubble mood.

She was jonesing for her turn in this:
so she could do lots of this:
How can you compete with a bouncy slip and slide? You can't. That station was perfection.
If you are six.
The kids rotated through the different water stations, pausing only for a picnic lunch and a Popsicle break here and there.
I'd say those Kindergartners sure know how to parTAY.


  1. that is a seriously awesome party! wow!!! i have never seen a bouncy slip and slide before! they look like they are having a blast!!!

  2. What a cool slip and slide, that looks like SO much fun. Great shot of A. going for it!

  3. i love her bathing suit! Very sporty and not skimpy considering it's a bathing suit! ;)

  4. Thanks Charlton, her suit is a tankini from Land's End (her second of that style, just a bigger size, so we both have really liked it). I highly recommend their suits!

    The kids loved the bouncy slip & slide--I hadn't seen one of those either. I think the school had extra field trip money this year so that's why we were able to rent that for the kids.

  5. Wow, a bouncy slip-n-slide, that's deluxe!

  6. that next to last pic w/ the water spraying up is really great! :)

  7. Jill: I didn't even know bouncy slip n slides existed. We have the old-school hard landing kind.

    Silken: Thanks! I took my little point and shoot that day and was pleasantly surprised how the pictures turned out too.


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