Spontaneous Cha Cha Cha

It was just another ordinary Friday night. Supper out: two adults, one child, please. Spur of the moment decision to pop into Baskin-Robbins was first met with glee, then swiftly segued to grumpiness once our little person saw the meager (to her greedy eyes) size of the kid's scoop. Ice cream soon soothed her misplaced disappointment and my flaring irritation over her moment of ungratefulness. But I was still feeling rather perturbed, still needing an emotional lift.

Fast forward to the moments before her usual (read: boring) bath and bedtime routine and the spontaneous decision to play Casper's Cha Cha Slide on our docking station and crank up the volume like we're oh-so-cool.

Before you could slide to the right, hop two times and criss-cross we three were rocking it out right there in the kitchen. Who can be in a sour mood when hoppin', clappin', cha-cha-cha-in' (and I'm still unsure how to Charlie Brown) with an enthusiastic 80 pound golden retriever trying to join in the dance party too with her stuffed pig clenched in her jaws ?

We had to take a few mini cha-cha breaks because we were all doubled over with uncontrollable laughter (except for Sadie, she and her pig were good to go). Annelise was struck by good old fashioned deep belly laughs, even begging to stop before the song was over because she feared, um...an accident.

After our little dance party, my mood was instantly better.

Sometimes you (and I do mean you too) need to press pause on normal and take a mini dance party break, the sillier the better.

I highly recommend it.


  1. Well, then you would both be ready for the Jr. High dances. We love the Cha-Cha over there. hahah!

  2. You simply MUST take video of you guys doing this next time!

  3. THAT is memories in the making! what fun! we need a little spontaneity around here!

  4. Some cha cha cha family style. I like it!

  5. Just so I remember: Annelise wrote in her Mother's Day interview that the funniest thing I've done is the Cha Cha Slide--so I'm REALLY glad we did that.


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