And I Ran...I Ran (Not So) Far Away

There comes a moment, that perfect moment, when you (and I really mean me) stop making lame excuses and get back to running. Even if you (and I really mean me) have to start practically back at square one and shake off any potential embarrassment over bulges and newly found jiggly places.

Like the profound musical entertainer P!NK says, So What?!?

Sometimes you (and I really mean me) just have to getoverourself (and I mean getovermyself) and get back out there. Even if you (and I really mean me) haven't run since half past forever, even if you (and I really mean me) have to re-program your watch to WAY shorter intervals (somewhere in the run:2 walk:1 neighborhood), even if you (and I really mean me) can barely woggle through two miles before having to take your (and I mean my) sweet daughter to tennis camp...

it's still better than nothing.


As an homage to my return to this running thing, I leave you (and this time I mean you) with an 80s flashback video where a really strange guy with scary hair sings about running.


  1. Good for you! Anything is better than nothing. I'm back on the treadmill finally. It feels good. And I bought my first running skirt--can't wait to try it out.

  2. Thanks Nicole! I wish I still had access to a treadmill (we cancelled our Y membership) so I would have more running time options than early morning/late evening. Glad you are getting back into running! Hope you like our running skirt--I'm hooked on them!

  3. Way to go Holly!! Don't feel bad about your 2/1 ratio. At least you're moving right?? I've got a 3/1 going on myself. But it's three lamp posts to one (and it's at the park so they are reeeeallly close together). Baby steps!

  4. I'm always impressed by your running and think that it doesn't matter at all what your walk to run ratios are or how many miles you log, it's about making that effort to do something that challenges and benefits yourself, so it's all good!

  5. yay for you! I'll be starting over again soon too, as soon as I am released to run. I am just happy for my little bits of cycling and swimming that I've been released to do. it IS better than nothing!

  6. dude, this post was written for me. honestly, i jumped in way over my stinkin head in running recently- but despite the fact that i jiggle in a heck of a lot more places than i used to, i suppose i've got to suck it up (and stop sucking down the cupcakes) and just do it. sigh.

    way to go. one mile turns to two and two to three- until you're running marathons again. i'm convinced that running takes place in seasons of life. you have to hvae hte breaks to appreciate it later.

    that song! that 80s hair!!!

  7. I know that starting over is better than not, but I still get mad at myself that I did this to myself in the first place. In my mind I think I can still run like I was two years ago, and, um...I really can't. But I will eventually. I hope.


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