Dance, Dance, Dance the Night Away

One of my favorite birthdays (who am I kidding, they were all my favorite) was the year I received my very own Sears record player. Yes, an actual record player that used a needle to play music on a vinyl disc the size of a dinner plate sold in a colorful and informative cardboard sleeve.

This opened up a whole new world for me.

Along with the record player I also received Elvis Aloha from Hawaii (Via Satellite)!, Shawn "Do Run Run" Cassidy and...er, Van Halen.

My mom mistakenly thought they were another band so I was introduced to harder rock and roll along with David Lee Roth at a young age. I never listened to the whole album much since I was into Elvis (I know, don't judge me) and Shaun at the time, but I do remember listening to Dance the Night Away occasionally. (Semi-related tangent: I later had an ABBA album and to this day when I listen to Does Your Mother Know That You're Out? I can hear where the record skipped in my head.)

So. Anyway.

Annelise danced the night away last weekend at her recital. Well, after a day at the pool and a restorative nap.Since we spent the day before the recital in Galveston's surf, sand and sun we were all a little sunburned, but only one of us had to dress up in a scratchy sleeved leotard. Bless her heart, we coated her in aloe vera gel, waited until the very last possible moment to pull the leotard up onto her shoulders, sprinkled baby powder and I even teetered precariously into Scary Pageant Mom territory by begging threatening her not to cry because her mascara would run. She held it together pretty well, but did sniffle a little and her mascara did smudge a bit. The Scary Pageant Mom inside me told me it probably wouldn't show from the stage. I left my little Jolly Holiday ballerina backstage with her class and dance big sister and went to find Scott who was saving four seats. There are three levels at the Grand Opera House and we have ALWAYS managed to get seats on the first level. I frantically scanned and couldn't find Scott on either side. I frantically went upstairs to the first balcony. No Scott. He'd forgotten his phone at the hotel so I couldn't call him. By this time, they were flashing the lights and I did not think there was even a remote chance he was saving seats on the third level. I went back down to the first level and saw My dad and Peggy who had managed to find four really good seats near the front.

I am a bad wife. B-A-D bad.

I gave up hunting for Scott and sat down with them since the show was about to start.

Who did I see at Intermission with smoke emitting from his ears? Who had been saving seats in the nosebleed third balcony and ended up sitting by himself? I don't know, could it have been Scott?

Like I said, I am bad. Like Michael Jackson bad.

Annelise's routines were all in the first act then she joined us to watch the second act. Pappo and grandma gave our little star some roses which was very sweet.I know this next picture is hideously blurry, but it illustrates how Annelise spent the next hour and a half on the edge of her seat watching all the older girls dance. Can you say transfixed?
The show was finally over around 10:30 and we took our little cave girl and her roses to IHOP (we managed to convince her to leave her roses in the car) for a late, late dinner.
Because I know very few things are more fun than watching other people's children perform at recitals here are the videos of Annelise's performance. First up is her ballet routine:
Followed by her tap dance:
And before your eyes completely glaze over and you start babbling incoherently, here's her final number, her jazz dance.
Other than the fact that Annelise got a little crowded out at the edge of the stage (cue Scary Pageant Mom to rant and rave, nah, I didn't) and Scott didn't talk to me for a good long while, it was still a great evening. And there were pancakes.


  1. I enjoyed the show! And my eyes didn't glaze over a single time. :) I love the jungle outfits, too. Funny about Scott. I would have sat on the first level, too.

  2. She was amazing! Next year you need to join her on stage.....

  3. Thanks y'all! Annelise had fun in spite of her sunburned shoulders--and Scott eventually forgave me. :)

    I've promised Annelise I would do Mother/Daughter tap when she's in first grade, so now I guess it's time to put my tap shoes where my mouth is (first I'll have to buy some tap shoes). Yikes!


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