So...A Needle Pulling Thread

Unlike Maria though I don't have to sew play clothes out of curtains by hand for several well-behaved singing Austrian children (how very Scarlett of her though now that I think about it--which also makes me think of Carol Burnett's Went With the Wind classic comedy sketch--although I won't have a Mammy to sew for me or Bob Mackie either).

(Did that peek inside my willy nilly secret head chatter freak you out? Just a teeny tiny bit? Sorry.)

Instead of curtains, I'll be using this stack of happiness...

I didn't think I was hungry when I picked out the fabrics, but maybe I was since there are several fruit patterns. I liked all the bold, bright, cheerful summer-y colors, I couldn't resist their apPEEL (hahaha, I am a laugh a minute! I know!) I also liked the texture which seems almost like a seersucker, the classic summer fabric and (fingers crossed) might not be so wrinkly like 100% cotton.

Now that I'm looking at the stack of fabric (both the picture and the actual stack on my table) I realize I may have been overly optimistic about my sewing prowess and allowed myself to be completely swept away by the colors and patterns, as I am apt to do. It has also dawned on me that I'll be quite busy the next few days, which is good, but it also makes me nervous. Like flop sweat nervous.

Last week I made this easy pillowcase dress for Annelise, which she liked. See?
Especially because it was cool and comfy and did not impede her scooter riding in any way (this is a deal breaker).

Note to self: Buy Annelise some summer sandals ASAP.

Following that sewing victory, in a moment of beginner sewing hubris, I attempted to sew two other dresses following the same pattern. In an effort to make the dress a little longer, I laid the pattern out differently than what the directions suggested.

Yeah. You're not really supposed to do that. Unless maybe you are a master seamstress and actually know what you're doing and not a Fly-By-the-Seat-of-Your-Pants and Get-Your-Hiney-Bit kind of seamstress like me.

So, I'll be making some place mats out of that mistake.

Not to be deterred, I tried again with an adorable lemon and orange print fabric, cut everything out and even sewed pockets onto the front piece of the dress. It was when I tried to line the front panel up with the back panel that I realized I had somehow cut the pieces wrong AGAIN. I'll spare you the details, but it boiled down to me missing a subtle, yet obviously VITAL, instruction.

So, I'll have to try and rework that mess into a top.

Needless to say I took a break from sewing that day and escaped into my book for a while to recover, all the while questioning how I ever managed to make the first dress in the first place.

But I will not let that (SIMPLE) pattern beat me. I won't.

I shall go forth and sew.

With the instructions clutched in my sweaty hand.

I'll be back with the after pictures soon(ish). I hope.

Wish me luck.



  1. I wish I could sew and that is on my "learn someday" list. I love those prints.

    Hey you inspired me with Falls the Shadow. The library just called to tell me my branch has it in.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy the willy nilly secret head chatter you've got going on.

    I have no sewing skills, but wish I did. Good luck with these future projects, I hope you'll document all of them whether you are victorious or not.

  3. Oh! There are days when a sewing machine makes me physically ill. Today is one of those. It took me ALL day to sew 4 capes. My kids interrupted me a million times. But, at least I didn't have to re-do, which I have done more times than I care to remember, so I am full of empathy for you, my dear.

  4. Hello, my friend! It's been forever!

    I love the pillow case dress! I seriously just saw that idea just the other day and can't get over how CUTE it is!

    The picture of all of those yummy fabrics makes me heady! Seriously, I cannot sew to save my life, but I love shopping for fabrics just, well...because! It gives me inspiration...


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