Summer: So Far, So Good

(...it's moving right along just the way it should...Who can name the trashy with a capital T 80s movie that song is from?)

Is it really the start of our third week of summer vacation? Really? Are you sure?

I seem to have somehow lost weeks one and two in a haze of laziness and randomness which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

*riding bikes, scooters, miscellaneous playing outside
*Popsicle breaks (see above)
*Little House on the Prairie marathons (while mama sews)
*begging to go swimming
*staying up later
*sleeping later
*lazy mornings snuggled up in bed together reading
*lazy mornings spent in PJs somehow becoming afternoons spent in PJs (Scott doesn't even raise and eyebrow, he's good that way)
*various errands and a random dentist appointment (mine, not hers)
*random de-cluttering and cleaning (her room looks SO much better)
*rounds of Bananagrams and Rush Hour (I think she might be ready to try Monopoly)
*occasional work completed in first grade prep. workbook
*afternoon read-aloud breaks
*random crafts (like this robot made from a juice bottle, sticks added later for arms)(Annelise insisted on wearing her goggles to prevent glue from getting in her eyes. What???)

*more begging to go swimming

I don't know how we can possibly handle all of this stress. *cough*

Tennis camp (X2), VBS, weekly Bible Power Hours and weekly(ish) trips to the library will also be sandwiched into our already *cough* jammed *cough* schedule soon.

Summer, in a word, rocks.


  1. little house on the prairie!!! i loved that show growing up. i'm glad to hear it's alive and well with another generation.

    chica, if we lived closer, i'd have to stalk you to show me how to sew. :)

  2. Heck yeah, summer rocks. Your schedule sounds perfect!

  3. I'm in disbelief about being on week 3 of summer vacation as well. We have yet to go swimming though because we've had so much cool/rainy weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be 82 and sunny, so it may be the day.

  4. Summer is the same for me in that I still have to go to work every day but I am enjoying not having to help out with homework, book reports, etc. every afternoon!

  5. Jen: I'd be glad to share my pinky nail's worth of sewing knowledge. :D

    Anna: Yeah, it wasn't hard at all to fall into a lazy summer groove.

    Jill: I'd LOVE to have a few cooler days around here--but not the freaky late spring snowfalls y'all have had. Even 82 sounds delightful!

    Natasha: Aww, sorry girl! You are right though, at least no more school projects, etc. for the summer.

    Nobody has named the trashy 80s movie yet! Think Rob Lowe...


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