Tennis Anyone?

Game face: Check.

Ready position: Check.
Volley practice: Check.Water breaks: Check.
Skills and drills (sneakily presented as games): Check. Group Cha-Cha Slide: Check.
A great week of Coach Pat's awesome tennis camp with friends: Check.
(Shhh...don't tell her, but I'm kind of looking forward to sleeping in next week.)


  1. It looks like it's way too hot to be out there playing tennis (or doing much of anything)!

    I'm looking forward to sleeping in and having some lounging morning next week since Landon's summer band is over.

  2. no way! that is the cutest little tennis outfit i have ever seen!!! she is adorable!

    what a great camp. i'm always amazed at how sneaky the instructors are at teaching. i wish they could stay that sneaky for the stuff i have to learn. :)

  3. It's our second year to do this tennis camp and Annelise LOVES it to pieces. She never once whined about getting up at 6:45 or running around in the heat. The first morning she came downstairs at 6:05 already in her tennis clothes and I had to tell her to go back and lie down.

    We're going to do another session in July--I hope she loves it all over again.

    Thanks Jen, I wanted to get her another set like the purple skirt/shirt, but I came to my senses and realized how many tennis skirts does she really need? One is plenty. (But they are SO cute!)


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