Top Ten Reasons to Go with Daddy to Work

1. You get to RIDE IN THE CAR! (Not certain why this is so unbelievably cool, but it is.)
2. Pick up donuts for the office in honor of Bring Your Child to Work Day. (Can this sweet little thing put away two sprinkled donuts and a kolache? In a word, yes.) 3. Offer to take notes during an important cubicle meeting. Or maybe illustrate it. You also get to wear your very. own. badge.
4. Lunch is much better when eaten in the cafeteria with a new friend. (Did you notice she brought her jean purse?)
5. An up-close tour of the Neutral Buoyancy (no, not Beyonce) Lab where the astronauts train for space walks in a gigantar pool that mimics zero gravity.
6. Check out a shuttle mock-up in a slightly more personal way. Hey fellas, somebody left the doors open--were y'all raised in a barn?
7. Try to see if any astronauts are practicing flying the shuttle by peeking in those teeny windows.
8. See mock-ups of different space station components. Wonder, briefly, what it might be like to live in space inside tin cans.
9. Can't let all of that vast kindergarten knowledge go to waste this summer with first grade looming on the horizon. Time to solve some math problems. Look at that concentration!
10. Take an afternoon break from all of this hard work with video games and impromptu paper airplane construction with friends. Working in this aerospace business sure is tough!

Thanks for bringing me to work daddy! I can't wait until next year! Oh wait, will there even be one next year? As Bob Dylan said, the times, they are a changin' and the space shuttle program and all the jobs that go along with it are most likely coming to an end, which is of course a topic for a whole other post. If I wasn't so busy pretending to be Scarlett O'Hara or an ostrich I'd write it.


  1. scott has the coolest job in the world- I wish I could have gone!
    I hope it lasts.
    My neighbor was laid off 5 months ago from morton thiakol (sp?) they make the booster rockets-- seriously bad news. I didn't think about scott losing his job?? eeW this makes me so mad.

    Lucky Lucky A. My kids decided they do. not. want to go to work with dad & listen to him talk on the phone all day to clients.

  2. What a fun day! My two like going to work with me but it's not nearly this interesting. They like going with Kim too and they get a kick out of her patients calling her "the throat lady." (She's a speech pathologist and most of her patients are stroke victims, etc. that she teaches to eat/swallow again.)

    How neat for Annelise to have this experience!

  3. Hard to pick a fave photo! Maybe #9... And Scott did a really good job documenting the day. Way to go Dad! :)

  4. I never realized this is what Scott did for a living, what a cool job! I hope things work out for him job-wise, this is a scary time for sure!

  5. I think Scott wins the blogger's husband of the year award, his story-line of pictures from beginning to end made for a great blog post!


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