You've Got a Friend in Me

Dollar store candy was stashed in my big purse.
A late Friday afternoon lunch at McAlister's Deli was enjoyed by this one.
And by this one and this little one too.
Cowboy boots were on. We somehow managed to convince her to leave her holster and *gun* at home.
And for the next hour and a half-ish, we three were completely caught up in the latest adventures of Woody, Buzz, Jessie and all their friends. We laughed, we cried (Annelise was almost in a ball in my armpit desperately trying not to do The Ugly Cry when, well...I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it yet, so I'll just say the traumatic trash incident), we didn't want the movie to end.
But it did.
In a delightfully perfect way.
That still got me choked up.

Over the weekend these guys took up residence, to the utter glee of this one.
We're kind of happy to have them here too.
Annelise even wrote her name in a Sharpie on the bottom of each boot (one space, one cowboy and one cowgirl). I thought that was fitting and sweet.
But then again, I'm the kind of girl who believes toys just might be having their own amazing adventures when left to their own devices. That thought makes me happy.
Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? (You simply MUST go se it!) Who's your favorite character? Do you like to believe toys might be having their own adventures when we're not around too?


  1. Two of my friends have told me it was terrible, but now you're making me re-think my decision not to see it. We did take the kids to see Marmaduke the day we got back from our trip, and Kim teased me because I put candy AND drinks in my purse!

  2. It was the SWEETEST movie! I loved it and cried too. Precious. So many great characters- loved Mr Potato head as a tortilla, the phone, and the peas in a pod. So sweet!

  3. Thank God we're not the only ones who were traumatized by the incinerator scene! My guy is only 3 1/2 and he has been talking about smoke and fire all weekend. He's scared of the smoke detector in his room! I feel awful! Honestly, I like the first 2 better. BUT, the Ken & Barbie stuff was really funny. For me anyway, not the 3 yo.

    You guys are so cute! I love that A put her name on her toys:)

  4. We loved, loved, loved it! I cried a bit at the end. My kids were a little scared during the trash incident too. I really loved the way they wrapped the franchise up. And I love that the whole movie emphasized playing with toys--not video games or phones or movies. Great!

  5. we just saw it today. and imagine me crying pretty much at beginning and ending sitting there w/ my own 17 year old son!! and I even cried at the incinerator too. so pretty much I was hopeless!

    I think it's different seeing it w/ little kids as opposed to w/ big kids. son thought the Spanish stuff was pretty funny. I didn't like the Ken and Barbie stuff so much.

    but loved Woody. guess he's my favorite.

    pretty cool that A wrote her name on her toys too.

  6. I'd probably have been a wreck if I had been watching it with a teenaged Annelise for sure--knowing upcoming life changes and esp. if we'd watched the other ones over the years.

    I forgot to mention the Barbie/Ken thing in my post. I thought parts of it were funny, but I didn't like the message of them living in his dream house, etc.

    Spanish Buzz was pretty hysterical!

    Woody is probably my favorite too. But it's hard to pick just one!


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