A Reuben and Ramona

After something of a dud week due to colds, car check-ups, cramps and a migraine I desperately tried to redeem myself and the week with a mama-daughter movie date Friday afternoon to see Ramona & Beezus.

Thinking we had gads of time before the movie, we popped into McAlister's deli for a late lunch (for me, Annelise had already eaten). Five bites or so into my salad I had the bright idea to double check the movie time on my phone. Imagine my surprise when instead of 3:30 the movie started at 3:05.

It was 3:03.

Thank goodness the theater was only a hop, skip and a jump away. But of course we still drove and re-parked, this is Texas in July after all.

After sneaking candy and the occasional water bottle into movies before and hardly batting an eye, I can now say I have gone hard core as far as smuggling goes. I wrapped up my half Reuben in five napkins and carefully stashed it and my large iced tea in my purse. Oh yes, I did. Thankfully there were no spills and I wasn't busted (even though I worried the usher might have heard my ice jiggling) and we made it to our seats while the previews were still playing, so, YEA!

The movie was absolutely ADORABLE!! I gobbled up just about every Beverly Cleary book I could get my grubby little kid hands on back in the day, so I was thrilled when I heard about the movie coming out this summer (well, I was also a little skeptical and hoped they didn't massacre the Cleary reputation, they didn't). The actress that played Ramona was perfect (and really cute, but not cheesy cute), the story line was sweet, funny and real. I loved how they showed her family living in an average house with a close family, they showed sibling bickering but no sass or smart aleck-y back-talk to her parents, and I LOVED how they portrayed Ramona's vivid imagination. Annelise and I thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of Ramona's adventures and gave it four enthusiastic thumbs-up!
On the way out I had to snap a photo of Annelise with her McDreamy, Zac Efron, otherwise and probably always known to her as Troy Bolton.

Yeah, he's pretty cute. And pretty young. And I probably sound pretty much like a cougar.


Have you seen Ramona & Beezus yet? (If not, go, go now) Have you smuggled food into a movie before (but I bet not a reuben, I may have stunk up the whole theater)?


A Funeral, A Procession, A Potluck and...Honky-Tonkin'

Late Friday afternoon my immediate family of three made our way to join my extended family to celebrate the life of my uncle.
I much rather like the terms celebrate and memorial than funeral. The word funeral is so, well...funereal, conjuring up images of dark, somber clothes, hearses, lilies and creaky organ music.
My dad grew up in a family of eight children, seven boys and one girl, he being the second to the youngest. My dad's father died of a heart attack when my dad was four years old, so my grandmother, affectionately known as DoDo (sweet, huh?) was left to raise four young boys, one of whom had polio (this was before the vaccine, late 40s), alone. My uncle R.D. had joined the Army Air Corps at 17, near the end of WWII, but wasn't in the service too long before he was called home to help support his family at home.
My dad, and his remaining brothers (Bob and Ronnie), along with the husbands of R.D.'s grand-daughters, supported R.D. one last time Friday when they served as pallbearers. Even though I am aware of the passing of time and the passing of my uncles and aunt over the last several years, it was still rather stark to see only three surviving brothers.
The morning before the service Annelise and I talked about what the funeral would be like, what she should expect and I tried to answer any questions she had. As it so happened, she didn't have a lot of questions, she just wanted reassurance that she wouldn't see any bones. I assured her that Uncle R.D. would look like he was asleep, that she did not have to look unless she wanted to and there would be no bones.
Perhaps she has watched too much Scooby Doo and was thinking of the skeletons that frighten Scooby and Shaggy all the time.
I'm not sure if it's kosher (especially when one is not Jewish) to say a funeral service was enjoyable, but it was. I always enjoy hearing personal stories, anecdotes, listening to the music and the slide shows always choke me up. Annelise handled everything, even the viewing, perfectly fine. She wasn't scared, only curious and did not seem adversely affected at all.
I also like, well again, I'm not sure if like is the best word without sounding Morticia-ishly morbid, the funeral procession because the formal pageantry of it is full of honor and respect. I also enjoy watching the policemen navigate their motorcycles to block off traffic, keep the procession together and I appreciate it when others pull over to the side of the road and wait out of respect. People seem to heed this tradition more in smaller towns than in the city and that makes me sad. We even had a few cars break into the procession when we were on the freeway! Ugh!
On the way to the cemetery I told Annelise the story of when Uncle R.D., after being mercilessly nagged and wheedled by my dad when he was a tot of five or six, to be taken "honky-tonkin" (because that's what he heard his much older brothers talking about), so R.D. took my dad to a joint of some sort, bought him a strawberry soda and played Pistol Packing Mama on the jukebox. Thanks to R.D, my dad had his first honky-tonkin' experience and was beside himself with six year old glee.
Of course Annelise had to ask my dad to take her honky-tonkin' as soon as the graveside service was over.
The family (even the extendeds) was invited back to the church building for a potluck supper. Since we haven't had a family reunion in several years (which is sad, but seems to be the way of the second and third generations) it was nice (again, not sure if using nice to describe a funeral potluck is the best word choice) to spend some time together.
Thank you all for your comments and emails about whether or not to take Annelise to the service, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I know that every child and every situation is different, but for us we decided to go ahead and introduce Annelise to what a funeral involves. She didn't seem upset or disturbed by any part of it, so that is of course a relief.



I have been fortunate this year to experience a little bit of musical entertainment out on the prairie and from several obedient children and a singing nun over in Austria.

While both of those shows were practically perfect in every way (still kicking myself just a little for not getting tickets to Mary Poppins last fall) and I truly enjoyed the shows, I must admit that those experiences have now been slightly, um...overshadowed.


As in smoked.

By this little number that has been visiting Houston this summer:
If you've seen it then you know that there are no words to adequately describe how amazing the entire production is. If you haven't seen it, well, please rectify that oversight immediately (trust me, you will be glad you did).

After an early lunch Saturday at the downtown Spaghetti Warehouse with friends, the girls and I made our way to the matinee showing. There may or may not have been ear-piercing screams as we drove into the parking garage. Yes, we were shamelessly giddy.
The next three hours passed in a haze of catchy tunes, witty witch humor, Animal activism, to-the-Nines costumes, spellbinding (ha! get it?) special effects and plenty of pre-Dorothy drama.

It was, in a word, perfection.

Of course I had to download the soundtrack from iTunes (and I plan to burn a CD for our car) and have been forcing Wicked showtunes down Scott and Annelise's throats sharing delightful music with my beloveds.

Because I am so thoughtful and generous (like Galinda, you know) I thought I'd close with two favorite numbers from the show (well, from the original production). I really like all of the songs (they just grab you), but keep listening to No One Mourns the Wicked (isn't that just so sad?!?!), What is This Feeling?, Popular...

and of course, Defying Gravity. (Goosebumps, seriously.)

I loved Elphaba. I loved Galinda/Glinda. I loved it all. (Guess who played The Wonderful Wizard? Richard Kline who was Jack's swinging bachelor friend on Three's Company. He did a good job, even though I kept picturing him in 70s polyester.)

"Are people born wicked or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"
Maybe I should see Wicked again and again to solve that puzzle. Works for me!
Have you seen Wicked? Which song is your favorite? Are you Team Elphaba or Team Galinda?


Two Phone Calls

Our restful peace was shaken a little bit this morning by two rattling phone calls. I guess phones don't really rattle anymore, but still. One phone call, which I sneakily screened through the answering machine, was a mom from school/VBS inviting Annelise (and me) to a lunch play date after VBS today.

Now this was the kind of play date I could handle, even though I don't know the mom very well, because we'd be at neutral territory (the Golden Arches) and I would be there. There was no intimidation or car-line-pick-up stalking, so things were good.

After VBS, I picked up Annelise and made arrangements to meet the mom and her daughters (and another mom and her daughter that I didn't know from Adam's cat) at McD's.

Even though this picture doesn't quite capture Annelise's brimming over excitement at all, never the less, she was thrilled. Really.
McD's is not my favorite place, but their giganto air conditioned play areas can't be beat in the dog days of summer. And there are free refills.

Not only did we have lunch, Annelise got to kill two hours of the day playing with a friend, I get a teensy tiny amount of credit (from her) for allowing Annelise to have a semi-play date with a school friend. Finally.
The other phone call this morning brought with it some sad news. One of my dad's elder brothers (and of course my uncle) had been struggling with a lot of heart problems these last several months and passed away early this morning. The funeral is planned for this Friday afternoon. On a selfish note, I was hoping it would be held in the morning while Annelise was at VBS. Now Scott and I have to decide whether or not she should go with me. Part of me, you know the huge avoider/ostrich part thinks she's too young and it would be traumatic for her--if not during the service, maybe afterwards (nightmares? worry?). The other part of me knows that funerals are something that are a part of life and can be a celebration. She knew my uncle pretty well and had visited him a few times over the last few months. I think she's curious about what a funeral involves and even mentioned that she wants to go.
But I don't know.
I know it might seem silly to seek advice from my blog, but y'all have never really led me astray, so...have your children attended funerals? How old were they? How did they handle it? Should I put something like this off for as long as possible? WWMBFD? (What Would My Bloggy Friends Do?)
Thanks y'all.


Monday: An Exercise in Randomness

A few random things to remember from this particular Monday:

*Annelise started VBS today at the church affiliated with her school. That statement might be backwards (except for starting VBS).

*VBS stands for Vacation Bible School, which may only be a Southern/Bible Belt phenomenon (I'm not sure, any Yankees--no offense--or Westerners have VBS where y'all are?), where kids of various ages go to a host church for a few hours every day and learn more about Jesus. And there's punch and cookies.

*Annelise was on the VBS fence this year and actually asked me to stay...until she spied several of her friends and was saying "See Ya," faster than you could say Jack Robinson. I don't know who Jack Robinson was, but that's what my grandfather (Archie) always said to imply speed. *This meant I had three hours to myself.

*Cue big, goofy grin.

*Since I'm turning over a new leaf (again), I was dressed, in a skirt no less, when I dropped her off. I felt somewhat June Cleaverish as I returned home to start laundry and vacuum--yes, in my skirt--because my cute cards told me to.

*After my chores I settled in with a cup of coffee to watch the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

*Cue another big, goofy grin.

*Because I was on some sort of Monday roll, Annelise and I stopped by HEB after VBS so I could actually cook some DIN (sorry, got carried away with abbreviations).

*Scott didn't know what to think when he came home and there was dinner simmering on the stove. Granted, it was my easy stand-by Taco Soup, but still.

*I hope the dinner buttered him up a little to soften the blow that Annelise and I would not be going to his softball games because of the heat and mosquito:human ratio. He wasn't really surprised, he's more surprised when we do show up.

* After supper Annelise and I went to the library and were pleasantly surprised to find the children's area calm and peaceful. We ended up spending 1.5 hours perusing the shelves, finally leaving with a totebag bulging with 17 books for her, 4 books on CD for her as well and 6 books for me.

*You guessed it, cue another big goofy, grin.

How was your Monday? Any reasons for big, goofy grins of your own?


Clean as a Whistle

Where did that expression come from anyway? Are whistles known for being exceptionally clean? Based on the spit factor, I'd think not.

I guess that's neither here nor there. (Oh look, another empty expression. I've got loads.)

Earlier this week I mentioned how I was planning on implementing a homekeeping system/plan to help keep the dust bunnies and general funk at bay. Guess what? I have actually been working on it (cue fireworks) and am strangely excited about the whole thing.

That thing called life? Yeah, apparently I need one.

The basic plan is quite simple and you can use cute note cards (the striped ones are not required, but they did make writing my cleaning tasks much more fun). First you list basic tasks you will do every day, one task on each card, which are your daily jobs. Mine are things I'm pretty much doing most days already (make bed, tidy bathroom, wipe kitchen counters/shine sink, tidy living areas, etc.) but I also made cards for things I should do every day (exercise, shower/get dressed, plan dinner) and a few things I'd like to do (daily quiet time, write a card, etc.) as reminders to take the time to do them. These cards are filed behind the daily tab divider.

Next, you make weekly cards for cleaning jobs you will do during the week. Each job is written on a separate card, along with the day of the week you plan to complete it and then filed behind the appropriate day of the week divider. Some of my weekly jobs are to clean bathrooms, vacuum, mop, laundry, dust, grocery shop, etc.

You also make a section for monthly jobs (larger jobs) and then seasonal (these might be deep cleaning or organizing projects).

As I started this project it became obvious that I have been a mood housekeeper, cleaning when I felt like it instead of a method housekeeper, following a plan. It makes sense though that if you are a mood cleaner some jobs may never get tackled because you're never in the mood to do them (and of course they grow larger and yuckier since they are not done regularly).

And let me just say, DUH.

Since I've never followed a housekeeping plan before (at least not faithfully), I needed a little extra guidance to plan the timing of my tasks. I consulted the queen herself, as in Martha, and printed out several of her cleaning checklists (I even put them in plastic sleeves and plan to make a home keeping binder!! What in the world has come over me?)

Here's a view of my work in progress.
And I'll just go ahead and put it out there that writing on the striped note cards was highly enjoyable and it was satisfying to file each one behind it's appropriate tab in the cute pink box. Since actually using the box requires sweat and effort, this was probably the highlight of the whole project.

As I perused the checklists I thought about the timing of my jobs, wrote out my cards, then re-wrote cards as I changed my mind, I found myself resenting Martha for some of the tasks on her checklists (do people REALLY clean all of that stuff THAT frequently? Are we just pigs? Sure she can list fifteen things to clean in each room each week when she has minions that take care of her house(s) for her). As I was writing my cards I heard my shrill inner voice whining, "But I don't want to clean every single day for hours and hours!! I'm going to be cleaning all the ding-dang time!! WAAH!!"I realized this project is a big philosophy shift for me. Doing something every day (or most days) helps maintain order and cleanliness and prevents jobs from growing too monstrous.

Again, with the DUH.

While I am planning to officially start following the box method next week (see, it takes a while for a lazy leopard to change her spots) I decided to get a head start yesterday (you know, so I won't bail on the whole thing next week because I think it's too hard). I vacuumed downstairs, mopped, then tackled neglected jobs like vacuuming shutters and windowsills and wiping down cabinets/doors (falling in LOVE with Lavender Fabuloso in the process) while Annelise wiped baseboards and dusted upstairs. It felt good to accomplish all of that even though I was pretty much wiped out afterwards. As I shift from being a mood cleaner to a method cleaner I'm sure (fingers crossed!) that the jobs will be more manageable because they are completed regularly.

Are you a mood cleaner or a method cleaner? Have you ever tried Lavender Fabuloso? (You must!) Would you resent Martha's checklists too? At least a little?


Tennis Junkie

Annelise wrapped up her second (and final) tennis camp this morning. When her first session started a few weeks ago her excitement was at an all time high. The first morning she came downstairs at 6:05 already in her tennis outfit ready to play and nudged me awake to see when we'd be leaving.

My little Steffi Graff was rather disgruntled when I sent her back up to bed for 45 more minutes.

It was a little harder to get up for the second session of tennis camp (for both of us), but we managed. She didn't seem to mind at all that we were a wee bit late each morning and she missed out on running laps around the courts. She had fun with all the drills, skills and games this time too and we're both happy to report that her tennis game has improved ever so slightly. At least among the 6 3/4 year old crowd.

Apparently I could not be bothered to lug my camera to the courts each day (although I did somehow manage to bring my book every time), so I only snapped a couple of pics with my phone.
Nope she's not picking her nose, she's saying she's number one while posing with Coach Pat and his sweet daughter Kamri. Thanks Coach for another awesome tennis camp!!
(Nothing personal, but we're both looking forward to sleeping in Friday morning.)


Click It (The Over-Achiever's Way)

This morning on the drive home from tennis camp (round #2), a trip to TarJay for cleaning staples, Office Depot and a Hail Mary trip to WallyMart for the cute index cards (for once, WallyMart actually came through) for my homekeeping project, I heard several clicks followed by an excited, "Mama LOOK!!". I glanced in the rearview mirror and then had to pull over so I could snap a picture.

Have I mentioned how much this girl cracks me up?

(Does my driving frighten her so badly? I hope not.)

I hope I'm never rushing around too much or too distracted by other things to miss out on her little quirks and funny sayings. I don't want to forget how she calls exclamation marks exciting marks or how she informed me her underpits stank after tennis camp (we squeezed in a bath before her dentist appointment).

Because it's the little things like these that make life much more interesting.



At least to me.

1. Friday evening we went over to a friend's house, along with a few other families, for an impromptu taco dinner that had been hastily planned the day before. Sometimes these simple, spur of the moment get togethers are 99 and 44 one-hundreths (any Ronnie Milsap fans out there?) times better than a majorly planned event (note to self). Each family contributed to the meal, the kids gravitated to each other like magnets which freed up the adults for plenty of chit chat. After dinner we all gathered in their family room to sing devotional songs, which were wonderful to listen to and participate in (even though I'm not easy on the ears), then each husband took a turn praying for various things, but mainly for the families gathered there, for the children and our role as parents. It wasn't really planned, it just kind of happened, and...it was perfect. Goosebumps and tears. Sigh. Later, while the kids played amongst themselves (mostly) we topped off this perfection with a few rousing rounds of Taboo, girls against guys (of course), which was hilarious (why is it so much fun to buzz your spouse when they say a taboo word?? I don't know, but it is). By the way, the girls clobbered the guys.

2. Saturday my dad and Peggy invited Annelise over for a visit. Scott and I had planned on de-cluttering/cleaning up/organizing a few hot spot areas around our house (the back desk where everything gets dumped, the computer room, my craft room, etc.) but when faced with a child free afternoon and the decision to stick with our plan or do something more fun we made the only mature, responsible decision.

We went to a matinee and a late lunch.
3. I temporarilly lifted my long standing Tom Cruise Jumping on the Couch boycott and asked Scott to take me to see Knight & Day. We both liked it. Really. It's kind of an action comedy where he plays a spy of sorts and Cameron Diaz plays his reluctant but adorable sidekick. Some parts were cheesy (hello, it is a Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise movie after all) but over all it was highly entertaining. I later told Scott it was a marshmallow movie, sweet and tasty but no real nutritional value. And I secretly want to see it again.

4. We then went to one of our favorite non Tex-Mex restaurants (I know) where I got my favorite shrimp tacos (yeah, still kind of Tex-Mex) and Scott stepped out of his normal mode and got a delicious Mediterranean pizza that I was actually envious of. I'm still thinking about the two bites he shared with me.

5. I'm trying (yet again) to be more intentional. And by intentional I mean actually following through with my intentions. Remember my one little word for 2010? Do? Yeah. I think it has been quietly mocking me for six months, to the point where I feel guilty when I wear my word necklace.

6. In that same vein I am mulling over homekeeping systems/plans. I never really took flight with FlyLady (but I like her methods) and have always muddled through on my own. Things are never too messy around here but I don't follow a set cleaning schedule, it's more of a mood thing or need-to thing or in some cases an I Can't Stand This Any Longer thing. The basics are done pretty regularly but certain jobs are definitely overlooked (avoided?) and instead of being easily maintained tasks they become giant monsters that make me avoid them even longer.

So. Thanks to Jill and Michelle I am going to try some of the ideas from House of Order. I'm kind of excited (to get cute 3x5 index cards, cute colorful dividers and make a cute homekeeping box). And nervous (that I'll make the cute box and then not do the jobs they remind me to do). I'll keep you posted on my progress.

7. I'm also mulling over chore/responsibility charts and/or systems for Annelise. Sort of. The root of this is the fact that I am t-i-r-e-d of nagging her about her daily responsibilities (like making her bed, putting her clothes/shoes/toys/books in their places, rinsing the toothpaste out of her sink--seriously, toothpaste spitting should be an Olympic sport--etc.) because I know that my nagging is not helping either of us. I'm also tired of blowing my top (to put it, um...delicately) right before bedtime when I see the state her room and bathroom are in. She's also old enough to help with other household jobs, but we don't have a consistent plan. I'm also unsure how I feel about allowances or payment for performing basic responsibilities (though I guess it sounds like I am against it). So...we'll see.

8. I recently watched The Young Victoria and have been wanting to shout from the rooftops about how much I liked it. It's good, like really, really good. If you are a fan of BBC type period dramas, then you absolutely must Netflix/RedBox/rent this ASAP. There's something about those period dramas that nurture my soul, or maybe I am just a freak.

9. I thought it was July 11th all day.

10. I wanted to have an even 10 noteworthy things to share, but sadly I don't. And number nine was a stretch. So I'll just gracefully stop. Or just stop.

What's noteworthy in your world lately?


Whack-a-Doodle Doodle All Day

I snapped the above photo yesterday morning with my iPhone (I'm currently obsessed with the Hipstamatic camera app) because it seemed to be the epitome of how I have felt lately.

Except I don't have a tail.

I can't really put my finger on the why or the what for, but I have felt overwhelmed by even the smallest tasks or decisions. Like I'm way under murky swamp water and swimming up to the surface requires too much effort. Molehills seem like mountains. Avoidance and procrastination are my go-to defense mechanisms. I don't know if it's the repetition of rainy days combined with a erratic sleeping patterns or peri-menopausal hormonal imbalances along with a thyroid disorder topped off with slight depression (no, I am not a doctor but I play one in my head and on my blog) that's making me a such a lethargic whack-a-doodle. But that's what I am. An easily irritated, short-fused, master-avoider mess.

The thing is though (and this is the very thing that is so irritating), I know what works best for me and I also know that I am not doing it, well, at least not in any way that could closely resemble a pattern, habit or lifestyle.

Daily exercise, not too much junk in my diet, regular Bible study/prayer time, a basic daily routine = less whack-a-doodle.

A few days on target followed by a landslide the other way = whack-a-doodle central.


Keeping busy, staying on top of things, making an effort to reach out to others, etc. also keeps the whack-a-doodle inside at bay.

So why don't I do it?

I can't answer that because I don't know.

Over yonder on a slightly related tangent, we went out to eat last night. Shocker, I know. I was feeling particularly stubborn and decided it was time to introduce Annelise to Pei Wei. She is not a big fan of Asian food...yet, I am determined to convert her. Scott and I kept talking up the honey seared chicken and how much she would love it, etc.
She didn't. She forced a few bites down, but mainly ate the brown rice, drank her Sprite and of course had room for a fortune cookie. Who doesn't like honey chicken, which is a close relative of orange chicken and distant cousin to sweet and sour chicken? Annelise, that's who. The same child that gags on macaroni and cheese. Scott loved his Mongolian chicken and my pad thai was okay, just in case you were wondering.

This ludicrous statement was inside my fortune cookie...
And I'll just leave you with that.

How do you keep your whack-a-doodle self at bay? (and please tell me you have one, at least occasionally)
Edited to add: So, since hitting publish on this whiny, self-loathing-pity-party-for-no-apparent-reason type post this morning I have been experiencing publisher's remorse. I mean, who wants to read a post like this anyway? Don't we all want funny, uplifting happy posts about our families and children, improving our lives and our bodies, decorating our nests or clever creative crafting filled with jaw dropping photos? Well, sure. But sometimes posts like this one fall into the mix too. Thanks for sticking with me through it all.


These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Did you know I'm one of those people who always relates random tidbits of daily drudgery to popular TV show quotes? Like all. the. ding. dang. time.

It's annoying.

Therefore, I am annoying.

I do it with songs too.

The quotes and the songs get stuck in my head and have to fight it out with any original thoughts that may or may not be forming. Since most of all life's situations can be traced back to an episode of either Seinfeld or Friends, they are my usual go-to source. My A-team of TV quotes (though I never really watched that show), if you will. Even if I can't quote something exactly, I'll usually describe the situation and compare it to whatever is happening. As for movie quotes, most of those pop in my head from Coal Miner's Daughter, Gone With the Wind, Grease, Broadcast News, Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment, Dirty Dancing, most Jack Nicholson movies, a few annoying Tom Cruise movies too and most of the Charlie Brown specials. And I'm probably forgetting several. As payback, Scott quotes Monty Python regularly.

We make quite the pair.

It's kind of embarrassing sometimes how quickly these quotes (or references) from movies and television zip to the forefront of my brain instead of something really important from, you know, like the Bible. Don't get me wrong, verses (or at least snippets) do pop into my mind fairly often, but they're not always the first thing.

We've had a crazy amount of rain over the last week, almost every day there have been buckets falling from the sky. Because of this we've been rather cooped up and at least one of us (she might be the 48" tall one) is going stir crazy. Instead of thinking about God's blessing of rain or pondering scriptures or Bible stories about rain, I've been saying to myself 647 times (at least), "This rain is making me CRAZY!" in lots of different mental voices.

Which of course makes me think of the episode of Seinfeld where George was trying to re-park cars along the block and Kramer got a job as an extra in a Woody Allen movie and his line was "These pretzels are making me thirsty," and they all practiced saying it different ways. (Hi, I'm Holly and I'm a fan of run-on sentences. Nice to meet you.)

Like Seinfeld, this post is pretty much about nothing (and that my friends, is the beauty of it) except my awareness that my brain is obviously filled with nonsense instead of important stuff.

I'm so (not) proud.

Click on the quote to see "These pretzels are making me thirsty" more in context. If you're a Seinfeld-ite (but not necessarily an anti-dentite) it's worth a click.

(YouTube wouldn't let me embed this clip in my blog. Sorry.)

Is your brain full of meaningless movie/TV show references like mine? Which ones are your go-to favorites?


Sparkle & Pop

I hope your 4th of July had just the right amount of sparkle and POP!

Marathon Bird in a Nutshell

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little ol' blog.

I promise to come back and make this *about* page more interesting.

Well, I'll try my best.


For now I'll tide you over with the bare facts:

*I am wife, mom, and a Christian.

*I guess that last statement should be first.

*I like flamingos.

*They're a quirky, highly ridiculed bird.

*I also like to run.

*Usually quite slowly.

*I've completed two full marathons and a handful of half marathons.

*I still consider myself a runner even though I'm struggling to become one with the running thing again right now.

*I thrive on coffee, Tex-Mex, books, chatting with my girlfriends, time alone and sporadic creative endeavors.

*I blog about my life and all of its imperfect perfection.

*I'm a fan of lip gloss, parentheticals, adding -y to the ends of words, reality TV dancing shows, laughing, and coffee (have I mentioned that?)



Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

In the words of Neil Sedaka, "Come a, come a, down, dooby, do, down, down...breaking up is haaarrrd to do."

This post might be slightly premature and might become a moot point sometime over this holiday weekend, yet I'm still hoping for the best.

Hmm? What's that you ask? Are Scott and I on the outs and soon to be calling it quits?

Er...that would be no.

But I am breaking up with junk food(s) and sugar.


I'm really trying.


I know.

Just for the record, for the sake of full bloggy disclosure, and for accountability purposes, I will tell you that I haven't eaten any fast food, junky-snacky foods, candy, cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, et cetera, et cetera, et cetERA (said in my best Yul Brynner voice) (c'mon...you know, from The King and I?!?!?) for five whole days.


This my friends, like my hiney, is a huge deal.

I don't have any overall plan or diet that I'm following, just simply trying to cut the complete garbage out first and attempting to numb (kill? annihilate?) my cravings (addictions?).

But it's a start.

And a girl's gotta start somewhere.


I'd Say She Falls in the Category of Too Much

Wouldn't you agree?

It's a good thing she's kind of cute and usually pretty sweet because sometimes her too much-ness (combined with a healthy dose of mule headedness) can be exasperating.

Like the other day while on the way into Payless she decided to force a too small ring on a too big finger, all the while ignoring my warnings not to. Imagine the red swollen finger, a scared six year old (wait, I mean 6 3/4 year old) in tears, my overactive mind racing toward images of it turning blue, gangrene setting in and wondering how she will manage having only four fingers on one hand.

We both have a flair for drama.

Thankfully the Payless employee let us use their restroom where there was liquid soap and water. That helped, but I ended up having to pry it open with my house key (there was a small seam in the ring, thank goodness).

Peace was soon restored.

Soon we were walking back to the car, with her chattering away a mile a minute while happily clutching the Payless bag containing a new pair of white summer sandals in her still swollen, but thankfully FIVE fingered sweaty little hand.
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