Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

In the words of Neil Sedaka, "Come a, come a, down, dooby, do, down, down...breaking up is haaarrrd to do."

This post might be slightly premature and might become a moot point sometime over this holiday weekend, yet I'm still hoping for the best.

Hmm? What's that you ask? Are Scott and I on the outs and soon to be calling it quits?

Er...that would be no.

But I am breaking up with junk food(s) and sugar.


I'm really trying.


I know.

Just for the record, for the sake of full bloggy disclosure, and for accountability purposes, I will tell you that I haven't eaten any fast food, junky-snacky foods, candy, cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, et cetera, et cetera, et cetERA (said in my best Yul Brynner voice) (c'mon...you know, from The King and I?!?!?) for five whole days.


This my friends, like my hiney, is a huge deal.

I don't have any overall plan or diet that I'm following, just simply trying to cut the complete garbage out first and attempting to numb (kill? annihilate?) my cravings (addictions?).

But it's a start.

And a girl's gotta start somewhere.


  1. Wow, 5 days is a big accomplishment! Good luck to you!

  2. Well, that's 5 more days than me. I have been eating like CRAP this summer. I really need to improve. Thanks for the inspiration. Seriously.

  3. I can so appreciate what a big break-up this is! Yay for you!

  4. whoa there lady! i even started p90x and managed to eat crap. how are you doing this?!?!?!


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