I'd Say She Falls in the Category of Too Much

Wouldn't you agree?

It's a good thing she's kind of cute and usually pretty sweet because sometimes her too much-ness (combined with a healthy dose of mule headedness) can be exasperating.

Like the other day while on the way into Payless she decided to force a too small ring on a too big finger, all the while ignoring my warnings not to. Imagine the red swollen finger, a scared six year old (wait, I mean 6 3/4 year old) in tears, my overactive mind racing toward images of it turning blue, gangrene setting in and wondering how she will manage having only four fingers on one hand.

We both have a flair for drama.

Thankfully the Payless employee let us use their restroom where there was liquid soap and water. That helped, but I ended up having to pry it open with my house key (there was a small seam in the ring, thank goodness).

Peace was soon restored.

Soon we were walking back to the car, with her chattering away a mile a minute while happily clutching the Payless bag containing a new pair of white summer sandals in her still swollen, but thankfully FIVE fingered sweaty little hand.


  1. That's a lesson we all have to painfully learn for ourselves right? I remember doing the exact same thing!

  2. LOVE it. those sunglasses are awesome btw. :)

  3. Jen: She is always begging to wear my sunglasses, like a little diva or something!


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