Marathon Bird in a Nutshell

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little ol' blog.

I promise to come back and make this *about* page more interesting.

Well, I'll try my best.


For now I'll tide you over with the bare facts:

*I am wife, mom, and a Christian.

*I guess that last statement should be first.

*I like flamingos.

*They're a quirky, highly ridiculed bird.

*I also like to run.

*Usually quite slowly.

*I've completed two full marathons and a handful of half marathons.

*I still consider myself a runner even though I'm struggling to become one with the running thing again right now.

*I thrive on coffee, Tex-Mex, books, chatting with my girlfriends, time alone and sporadic creative endeavors.

*I blog about my life and all of its imperfect perfection.

*I'm a fan of lip gloss, parentheticals, adding -y to the ends of words, reality TV dancing shows, laughing, and coffee (have I mentioned that?)



  1. I enjoyed reading your about me section - I've also done a few marathons and half marathons! Where did you run your marathons?

  2. i like your about me section. :)

    and i like to run. quite ridiculously slowly. my run may be someone else's very brisk walk. i've completed one half and hope to keep at it.

  3. i can't wait to get to know you more... texas. Christian. FLAMINGOS. coffee. i feel like we'll get along really well! :)

    1. and running... left that one off the list! :)

    2. AND the sonic drinks in your header.... ok, i'll stop!


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