Monday: An Exercise in Randomness

A few random things to remember from this particular Monday:

*Annelise started VBS today at the church affiliated with her school. That statement might be backwards (except for starting VBS).

*VBS stands for Vacation Bible School, which may only be a Southern/Bible Belt phenomenon (I'm not sure, any Yankees--no offense--or Westerners have VBS where y'all are?), where kids of various ages go to a host church for a few hours every day and learn more about Jesus. And there's punch and cookies.

*Annelise was on the VBS fence this year and actually asked me to stay...until she spied several of her friends and was saying "See Ya," faster than you could say Jack Robinson. I don't know who Jack Robinson was, but that's what my grandfather (Archie) always said to imply speed. *This meant I had three hours to myself.

*Cue big, goofy grin.

*Since I'm turning over a new leaf (again), I was dressed, in a skirt no less, when I dropped her off. I felt somewhat June Cleaverish as I returned home to start laundry and vacuum--yes, in my skirt--because my cute cards told me to.

*After my chores I settled in with a cup of coffee to watch the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

*Cue another big, goofy grin.

*Because I was on some sort of Monday roll, Annelise and I stopped by HEB after VBS so I could actually cook some DIN (sorry, got carried away with abbreviations).

*Scott didn't know what to think when he came home and there was dinner simmering on the stove. Granted, it was my easy stand-by Taco Soup, but still.

*I hope the dinner buttered him up a little to soften the blow that Annelise and I would not be going to his softball games because of the heat and mosquito:human ratio. He wasn't really surprised, he's more surprised when we do show up.

* After supper Annelise and I went to the library and were pleasantly surprised to find the children's area calm and peaceful. We ended up spending 1.5 hours perusing the shelves, finally leaving with a totebag bulging with 17 books for her, 4 books on CD for her as well and 6 books for me.

*You guessed it, cue another big goofy, grin.

How was your Monday? Any reasons for big, goofy grins of your own?


  1. Hooray for 3 hours to yourself! I love the thought of you looking all stylish while vacuuming...I'll need a self-portrait of this next time please.

    I've seen that version of Sense and Sensibility and loved it. I adore all Jane Austen adaptations, I can't help myself.

    I'm not sure I did any big goofy grins today, but I had a seriously busy, hot, sweaty, good day.

  2. P.S. VBS reminds me of VBAC and that's a whole other thing.

  3. We have VBS here in Michigan. I'm guessing that since we're as far away from each other has Americanly possible, that it must be everywhere?

    I had a big goofy grin kind of Monday, too. With my littlest two kids with the grandparents for the week, my 12 year old boy and I spent the day at Lake Michigan on the beach and then hit up our fav ice cream shop where everything comes in a freshly made waffle cone. I love that I don't have to feel bad about ordering the waffle cone, that's your only option!

  4. Jill: Your VBAC comment cracked me up. Yes, that's another subject for sure.

    I wasn't really stylish at all, just a simple skirt and white t-shirt, but I felt more together than I usually do. It did feel rather odd to vacuum in a skirt--not the norm around here.

    Amy E.: Good to know that VBS extends to the north--I wasn't sure if it was just a regional thing. Spending the day with your oldest at the lake AND having an ice cream trat sounds perfect!


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