At least to me.

1. Friday evening we went over to a friend's house, along with a few other families, for an impromptu taco dinner that had been hastily planned the day before. Sometimes these simple, spur of the moment get togethers are 99 and 44 one-hundreths (any Ronnie Milsap fans out there?) times better than a majorly planned event (note to self). Each family contributed to the meal, the kids gravitated to each other like magnets which freed up the adults for plenty of chit chat. After dinner we all gathered in their family room to sing devotional songs, which were wonderful to listen to and participate in (even though I'm not easy on the ears), then each husband took a turn praying for various things, but mainly for the families gathered there, for the children and our role as parents. It wasn't really planned, it just kind of happened, and...it was perfect. Goosebumps and tears. Sigh. Later, while the kids played amongst themselves (mostly) we topped off this perfection with a few rousing rounds of Taboo, girls against guys (of course), which was hilarious (why is it so much fun to buzz your spouse when they say a taboo word?? I don't know, but it is). By the way, the girls clobbered the guys.

2. Saturday my dad and Peggy invited Annelise over for a visit. Scott and I had planned on de-cluttering/cleaning up/organizing a few hot spot areas around our house (the back desk where everything gets dumped, the computer room, my craft room, etc.) but when faced with a child free afternoon and the decision to stick with our plan or do something more fun we made the only mature, responsible decision.

We went to a matinee and a late lunch.
3. I temporarilly lifted my long standing Tom Cruise Jumping on the Couch boycott and asked Scott to take me to see Knight & Day. We both liked it. Really. It's kind of an action comedy where he plays a spy of sorts and Cameron Diaz plays his reluctant but adorable sidekick. Some parts were cheesy (hello, it is a Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise movie after all) but over all it was highly entertaining. I later told Scott it was a marshmallow movie, sweet and tasty but no real nutritional value. And I secretly want to see it again.

4. We then went to one of our favorite non Tex-Mex restaurants (I know) where I got my favorite shrimp tacos (yeah, still kind of Tex-Mex) and Scott stepped out of his normal mode and got a delicious Mediterranean pizza that I was actually envious of. I'm still thinking about the two bites he shared with me.

5. I'm trying (yet again) to be more intentional. And by intentional I mean actually following through with my intentions. Remember my one little word for 2010? Do? Yeah. I think it has been quietly mocking me for six months, to the point where I feel guilty when I wear my word necklace.

6. In that same vein I am mulling over homekeeping systems/plans. I never really took flight with FlyLady (but I like her methods) and have always muddled through on my own. Things are never too messy around here but I don't follow a set cleaning schedule, it's more of a mood thing or need-to thing or in some cases an I Can't Stand This Any Longer thing. The basics are done pretty regularly but certain jobs are definitely overlooked (avoided?) and instead of being easily maintained tasks they become giant monsters that make me avoid them even longer.

So. Thanks to Jill and Michelle I am going to try some of the ideas from House of Order. I'm kind of excited (to get cute 3x5 index cards, cute colorful dividers and make a cute homekeeping box). And nervous (that I'll make the cute box and then not do the jobs they remind me to do). I'll keep you posted on my progress.

7. I'm also mulling over chore/responsibility charts and/or systems for Annelise. Sort of. The root of this is the fact that I am t-i-r-e-d of nagging her about her daily responsibilities (like making her bed, putting her clothes/shoes/toys/books in their places, rinsing the toothpaste out of her sink--seriously, toothpaste spitting should be an Olympic sport--etc.) because I know that my nagging is not helping either of us. I'm also tired of blowing my top (to put it, um...delicately) right before bedtime when I see the state her room and bathroom are in. She's also old enough to help with other household jobs, but we don't have a consistent plan. I'm also unsure how I feel about allowances or payment for performing basic responsibilities (though I guess it sounds like I am against it). So...we'll see.

8. I recently watched The Young Victoria and have been wanting to shout from the rooftops about how much I liked it. It's good, like really, really good. If you are a fan of BBC type period dramas, then you absolutely must Netflix/RedBox/rent this ASAP. There's something about those period dramas that nurture my soul, or maybe I am just a freak.

9. I thought it was July 11th all day.

10. I wanted to have an even 10 noteworthy things to share, but sadly I don't. And number nine was a stretch. So I'll just gracefully stop. Or just stop.

What's noteworthy in your world lately?


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  3. Sorry, I'm not sure what happened but my comment appeared 3 times. Sorry to be obnoxious :)

  4. I like the idea of a dry erase board for a simple chore chart Anna, thanks for the ideas.

    You are NOT obnoxious!!

  5. A friend of mine had an idea that I thought was cute for chore charts. She uses a picture frame with the chore list inside, then marks them off with a dry erase marker. You can see it here:

    I bought a piece of cute poster board and made lists for each of my kids for daily chores (like take out the trash, sweep the kitchen, etc) and weekly (dust, clean bathroom counter, etc). It works pretty well when I remember to use it! :)

  6. Your night with friends sounds so fun and definitely less stressful than an official to-do.

    Randy and I found ourselves kidless last night and went to the movies even though I would have rather stayed home. We just had to take advantage of the situation.

    I'm glad you liked Knight and Day, I did too and really wouldn't mind seeing it again.

    Don't feel guilty about wearing your "Do" necklace, it's suppose to help remind and inspire you. We choose these words because we NEED to work on them.

    I hope you'll post a picture of your Brain Box and some of your jobs, and I really hope that system works for you.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to pay Annelise for doing basic chores that are just part of being in a family. That's why I like using the marble system because it's a way of rewarding good work without putting a monetary value on it. Plus it gives me something I can take away from them if I need to "punish" a lack of work.

  7. Thanks Valerie for sharing the chore chart ideas--the picture frame/dry erase marker idea is nifty.

    Jill, I've always admired your marble system but I don't know if I'd ever get it together--even though it doesn't seem that complicated--but still...

    Thanks for your encouragement about using my word as a reminder and not let it make me feel guilty. You are so wise!


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