A Reuben and Ramona

After something of a dud week due to colds, car check-ups, cramps and a migraine I desperately tried to redeem myself and the week with a mama-daughter movie date Friday afternoon to see Ramona & Beezus.

Thinking we had gads of time before the movie, we popped into McAlister's deli for a late lunch (for me, Annelise had already eaten). Five bites or so into my salad I had the bright idea to double check the movie time on my phone. Imagine my surprise when instead of 3:30 the movie started at 3:05.

It was 3:03.

Thank goodness the theater was only a hop, skip and a jump away. But of course we still drove and re-parked, this is Texas in July after all.

After sneaking candy and the occasional water bottle into movies before and hardly batting an eye, I can now say I have gone hard core as far as smuggling goes. I wrapped up my half Reuben in five napkins and carefully stashed it and my large iced tea in my purse. Oh yes, I did. Thankfully there were no spills and I wasn't busted (even though I worried the usher might have heard my ice jiggling) and we made it to our seats while the previews were still playing, so, YEA!

The movie was absolutely ADORABLE!! I gobbled up just about every Beverly Cleary book I could get my grubby little kid hands on back in the day, so I was thrilled when I heard about the movie coming out this summer (well, I was also a little skeptical and hoped they didn't massacre the Cleary reputation, they didn't). The actress that played Ramona was perfect (and really cute, but not cheesy cute), the story line was sweet, funny and real. I loved how they showed her family living in an average house with a close family, they showed sibling bickering but no sass or smart aleck-y back-talk to her parents, and I LOVED how they portrayed Ramona's vivid imagination. Annelise and I thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of Ramona's adventures and gave it four enthusiastic thumbs-up!
On the way out I had to snap a photo of Annelise with her McDreamy, Zac Efron, otherwise and probably always known to her as Troy Bolton.

Yeah, he's pretty cute. And pretty young. And I probably sound pretty much like a cougar.


Have you seen Ramona & Beezus yet? (If not, go, go now) Have you smuggled food into a movie before (but I bet not a reuben, I may have stunk up the whole theater)?


  1. I have smuggled cheesecake into a movie before, and often smuggle candy and soda in. I have also smuggled in a cup of pebble ice.

    We haven't seen this movie yet, but it looks darling, I'm so glad it didn't disappoint.

  2. I'm sorry you have had a stinky week. Those pesky migranes!!!!

    We saw the movie, too and LOVED it! I smuggles gummy bears...you win the prize. haha!

  3. We saw the movie yesterday and I really liked it too! We smuggled in water bottles, Capri Sun, and candy.

  4. The thought of you smuggling the HUGE iced tea into the movies had me in tears!!! I am so glad that they did not butcher Ramona, because she is one of my all-time faves!!! Also, I agree with A about ZE being dreamy...:) Hope this week will be overall 100 times better than last week!

  5. We haven't seen it, but I suppose we will with that review. I must admit, those stupid Disney Channel stars bug the crap out of me and deter me from a movie more than lure me in...

    Except Dreamy Zac Ephron.

  6. I have recently discovered how dreamy ZE is, too. Maybe he will be the next George Cloony or Brad Pit. I think he's a really good actor, too.

    I have taught my children to smuggle snacks into movies. We will stop at Walgreens and load up. Of course the limit has to be what will fit in my purse. Here in Heber I haven't done that. It's such a small theater, and they practically beg you not to bring food in, and their prices are reasonable. So I guess I'm trying to help the little guys by not smuggling.

  7. I asked my daughter if she could bring herself to go to this movie for old times sake. maybe…or might have to wait for dvd. glad to hear it's good! and yes, we take in candy sometimes. hm, now I can see a need for a large purse…. :)

  8. It's times like that I am glad I carry a big purse!

    BriteCloud: If our theater was more of a Mom&Pop operation I probably wouldn't smuggle, but i don't feel guilty about smuggling into a chain like Cinemark.

    Silken: I hope she'll go with you--it really is cute on several levels!


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