Whack-a-Doodle Doodle All Day

I snapped the above photo yesterday morning with my iPhone (I'm currently obsessed with the Hipstamatic camera app) because it seemed to be the epitome of how I have felt lately.

Except I don't have a tail.

I can't really put my finger on the why or the what for, but I have felt overwhelmed by even the smallest tasks or decisions. Like I'm way under murky swamp water and swimming up to the surface requires too much effort. Molehills seem like mountains. Avoidance and procrastination are my go-to defense mechanisms. I don't know if it's the repetition of rainy days combined with a erratic sleeping patterns or peri-menopausal hormonal imbalances along with a thyroid disorder topped off with slight depression (no, I am not a doctor but I play one in my head and on my blog) that's making me a such a lethargic whack-a-doodle. But that's what I am. An easily irritated, short-fused, master-avoider mess.

The thing is though (and this is the very thing that is so irritating), I know what works best for me and I also know that I am not doing it, well, at least not in any way that could closely resemble a pattern, habit or lifestyle.

Daily exercise, not too much junk in my diet, regular Bible study/prayer time, a basic daily routine = less whack-a-doodle.

A few days on target followed by a landslide the other way = whack-a-doodle central.


Keeping busy, staying on top of things, making an effort to reach out to others, etc. also keeps the whack-a-doodle inside at bay.

So why don't I do it?

I can't answer that because I don't know.

Over yonder on a slightly related tangent, we went out to eat last night. Shocker, I know. I was feeling particularly stubborn and decided it was time to introduce Annelise to Pei Wei. She is not a big fan of Asian food...yet, I am determined to convert her. Scott and I kept talking up the honey seared chicken and how much she would love it, etc.
She didn't. She forced a few bites down, but mainly ate the brown rice, drank her Sprite and of course had room for a fortune cookie. Who doesn't like honey chicken, which is a close relative of orange chicken and distant cousin to sweet and sour chicken? Annelise, that's who. The same child that gags on macaroni and cheese. Scott loved his Mongolian chicken and my pad thai was okay, just in case you were wondering.

This ludicrous statement was inside my fortune cookie...
And I'll just leave you with that.

How do you keep your whack-a-doodle self at bay? (and please tell me you have one, at least occasionally)
Edited to add: So, since hitting publish on this whiny, self-loathing-pity-party-for-no-apparent-reason type post this morning I have been experiencing publisher's remorse. I mean, who wants to read a post like this anyway? Don't we all want funny, uplifting happy posts about our families and children, improving our lives and our bodies, decorating our nests or clever creative crafting filled with jaw dropping photos? Well, sure. But sometimes posts like this one fall into the mix too. Thanks for sticking with me through it all.


  1. Hate you are having inner turmoils! I have those too and and as you know, they pass. That's what friends are for...surround yourself with some friend loving, giggling, and studying and you'll feel better. HEY, I know. You all come to my house and we'll all giggle and shop. I could use a decorator/stager and we could all play HGTV. Seriously.

  2. Wack-a-doodles anonymous unite!!!! Guuurrrlllll, I am there with ya! These smoldering dog days of summer drain us....I always feel refreshed in fall and spring, when the temps are comfy.
    I have a mantra or two or three....
    "this too shall pass"
    "slow and steady"
    and my fav "Thy will be done"
    and I am in SHOCK-a-roo mode that your sugar pie child doesn't care for Pei Wei!!!!!! argh! I'd perish! Gracie and I LOVE that place, we get ginger broccoli shrimp most times, but I love everything there :)
    speaking of FOOD, us folks in Tennessee recently had 2 Chuy's open up (both very convenient for us to go to, unfortunately) That's some yum-yum food! I think of you when I go there b/c of Texas as well as Tex Mex! ;)

  3. I have been there more than I would like (whack a doodle central I mean). No easy answers. Stepping away from blogs sometimes helps. Less comparing and coveting going on when I take a break. Hope you get back on track.

    Oh, and I love the honest posts. More real is always good.

  4. Thanks for the encouragment you guys! A good thing about those BLAH moods are that they do usually pass (eventually) and everything seems bright and shiny again.

    Glad to know my honesty didn't make y'all run for the hills. :)

    I can't believe A. is not a Pei Wei fan--we're not giving up though!

  5. part of why I love to read your blogs is that while you are fun and funny to read, you also show when things are not perfect in your world. it's gutsy! and makes it easier for others of us to acknowledge that it's ok when our world too is not perfect. thanks for sharing all of your ideas, it really is an encouragement.


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