Are You There Blog? It's Me Holly

Go ahead and raise your hand if you know which late 70s pre-teen must read to which my title refers.

Then do at least 25 repetitions of "We Must...We Musts..." because we all know how effective swinging your arms back and forth can be. Except now we might not want or need those exercises to work, not that they ever really did, but don't tell me you never ever tried. And then burst into a fit of embarrassed giggles.

Was that book always checked of your elementary school library to when you were in sixth grade too? Yeah.


I feel like I have neglected my blog these last several days and am forcing myself to post at least something to help me get over this self-imposed bloggy slump.

Aren't you glad you popped by for a visit?

Part of me didn't want to post anything because a.) nothing was really happening and 2.) a new post would knock the memories of our little central Texas vacay further down on The Blog therefore pouring salt into my wound and forcing me to admit that yes, it's actually over and I can't go back anytime soon.

I seem to be in denial that this is the last full week of summer (really, me in denial, are you surprised?) and next week we Meet the Teacher and Annelise starts first grade next Thursday.

Do y'all ever find yourself stuck in silly conversations with someone about the use of this and next to describe upcoming events because they don't understand what you mean? Some people have apparently loose (misguided?) interpretations of what this and next mean and would say since Thursday has not yet happened one should say next Thursday to signal the verynextone and say the following Thursday or Thursday week for you know, the next one.

A person's head could explode.

Anyway, no matter how you slice it summer IS speeding toward a crashing halt and that means new school shoe shopping, uniform updating (which requires a trip to the uniform store which just might be one of those fiery circles way down south), backpack negotiating (she wants a new one, I'm feeling stubborn), a haircut and all the other necessary back-to-school rituals.

All of which makes me sad and ever so slightly glad at the same time.

Did you read Judy Blume books (age appropriate of course)?
Did my ramble about this and next make any sense?
Are you bemoaning or cheering the end of summer?
Have you started your back-to-school chores?


  1. I've missed your posts Holly!

    I most definitely read Judy Blume books as a kid, they were an important part of my education!

    I totally agree with you on the use of "this" and "next".

    Surprisingly, I'm bemoaning the end of summer. I'm usually so ready for school to begin, but this year it feels like we haven't done much so I'm feeling a little bit short-changed. Also, Landon is starting Jr. High so that may be part of my hesitation.

    We have no money for anything back-to-school related this year, so the only chore we'll have is Whitney's back-to-school night on the 23rd. Luckily my sister gave Whitney a big bag of hand-me-down shirts last week, so it feels like she got a new wardrobe!

  2. Of course, it's "Are you there, God, it's me, Margaret?"

    Judy Blume was the reason I survived sixth grade. Seriously. Her writing spoke to my soul.

    Welcome back, sister.

  3. judy blume fanatic!! (have your read Summer Sisters?!?)

    working on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing with my rising fourth grader. anxious that we will be at Then Again, Maybe I Won't stages before i'm ready...

    i remember how OLD and IMPORTANT i felt reading Forever. ah, youth...

  4. I'm totally with you on this and next. Have also had the same sort of conversations about the air conditioner/heater....does "turn the air conditioner down" mean you want it warmer or colder?

    Since I work, summers are typically hard for us and I'm usually very ready for school to start. But I'm like Jill - this year, I feel like we haven't gotten to do much fun stuff and so I'm sad summer's over. :(

  5. Yes on the 'this' and 'next' issue! So obvious.

    I did read Judy Blume.

    I am pretty ready for school to start, as are my kids. I'm a pretty boring mom, especially with an infant around, so this summer has not been terribly exciting. My kids are ready to see their friends and they really like school. We all need the routine.

    We still need shoes, lunch boxes/bags, and haircuts.

  6. big changes in our schooling this year-a freshman entering public school. a senior withdrawing to homeschool and do dual credit at a local comm. college! we need lots of prayers!


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