A Clever Title Escapes Me (Yet Does Not Stop Me)

Well, we made it a full four days of school before things came to a crashing halt due to the unwelcome visit of a pesky cold. Annelise usually catches one at the beginning of school, I guess she has to rebuild her immunities to being back in the petri dish otherwise known as school after summer break. I feel kind of like That Mom, the one who sends her kid to school sick, because Tuesday morning she told me her throat was kind of tickly and I told her to drink some water. By the time I picked her up that afternoon she was Miss Coughie McCougherson and I think I got The Look from her teacher.

And not the look that says I'm up for mom of the year either.

But she stayed home from school today just in case.

Sometimes it's hard to know, you know? I mean, fever (and 24 hours after), stomach bug, flu, YES, please keep your child at home, but what about a runny nose? A sneeze? A cough? Every time? I don't know, I certainly don't want to perpetuate the petri dish, but sometimes these parental judgment calls are iffy.

So we had a low key day around the house with Kleenex and anti-bacterial gel never far from our side. Remember how I smugly announced our new no TV on school days policy in yesterday's post? I must admit there were moments today that I regretted muttering those fateful words, but I stayed the course with only one small detour. During lunch she got to watch one recorded DVR show and then we shut it off. Guess what? She relinquished the remote with nary a wail or moan. Who knew that cutting back on TV would be, well, I hesitate to say easy since it's only the second day, but not as terrible as I imagined.

However I did stumble upon this sight this morning as I headed to the kitchen for a much needed coffee refill...
How mini-me can you get?

Seems she was researching the bountiful selections over at American Girl.com since her birthday is right around the corner. Even though she keeps updating us daily on the rapid approach of her special day, it hit me today that next Saturday IS in fact almost here and we have yet to do much about that.

Looks like I'm up for mom of the year again.

She has her hopes set on a Just Like Me American Girl doll that looks, you know, eerily like her. However none of the choices have dark brown bobbed hair so she may have to settle for an Almost But Not Quite Just Like Me version. This morning, while doing her research, she made us a helpful list of clothes for her future ABNQJLM doll:
She went on to explain that her doll would need the bow toe flats for church and funerals and the sneakers for playing outside. I'm not sure if the heart dress is formal or everyday attire, she didn't say. This is probably the third or possibly thirteenth list she has made of accessories (she writes them, forgets about them and then they somehow magically disappear), but since the doll clothes cost almost as much as my clothes, I can't promise ABNQJLM will have an extensive wardrobe.

Later on in the day she busied herself in her room while I did my workout. She could not wait for me to drag my sweaty self upstairs when I finished to show me what she had done.
Her efforts really only required the hasty shoving of baskets of stuffed animals into a closet(and I'm a little scared to open that door), and some artful arranging of blankets and her favorite stuffed friends, yet they resulted in her *new* reading nook. She was so pleased.
And so was I.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the sniffly sickness and tend to send them unless their cough sounds disturbing, otherwise they would miss a week at a time multiple times a year! Whitney actually has that going on right now and today is only the 2nd day of school so there is no way she's staying home, plus she feels fine.

    When I first saw her wish list I thought those items were for her, those are real-people clothes and shoe prices!

  2. good stuff on the reading nook! I remember those days of scouring ebay (and my daughter too would do extensive research in this area) for the best prices on American girl dolls/clothes! we actually found an American girl doll in Singapore!! of course we had to buy her a Chinese dress


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