Five for Friday {The Back to School Edition}

1. The countdown has begun and by this time next week Annelise will officially be in first grade. Gulp. We've busied ourselves this week with the trying on and purchasing of new sneakers (Academy in mid-afternoon is quite interesting), new chapel shoes (did you hear that it's BOGO time again at Payless?!?!) and new school uniform pieces. My sincere apologies to the Jehovah's Witnesses who stopped by this morning as we were preparing to leave but I was determined to be at Parker Uniforms as soon as they opened. Last year we made the novice mistake of going in the mid-afternoon the week before school started and I feared I would never recover from that experience. Today we were in and out within 15 minutes. It was, in a word, delightful.

2. Conveniently located next door to the uniform store is a hair salon (well, I may be stretching the term salon to its upper limits) and our resident little person has been desperately pleading for weeks (especially after we saw Ramona & Beezus) to get her hairs cut. I caved.
I think her hairs came out pretty stinkin' cute, don't you?
3. Earlier this week we discovered this addition to our car's front bumper. Since neither Scott nor I have the vaguest recollection of hitting anything (I think we'd remember, at least I hope we would) we can only assume that someone sideswiped us in a parking lot or something, taking with them several layers of our white paint and leaving us with this:
I know the damage is not that bad but it bothers me to think that someone did that and just drove away. Where has our sense of personal responsibility gone, people??? It makes me feel a teensie-tiny bit better to tell myself that maybe, just maybe, they didn't realize what they had done.
4. Our DVR broke earlier this week. I know. Let's all take a moment and let that sad news work its way through our systems. We quickly realized how spoiled we've been being able to pause, rewind live TV and easily record shows from set timers. Plus, all of our stored shows/movies were lost. I know. That hurt. We even had to go old school and record the SYTYCD finale (part 1) on our dinosaur VCR and marveled at how annoying fast-forwarding through commercials actually was. Okay, okay, I know that something like a DVR is NOT that important, but I won't lie and say we weren't pleased as punch to see UPS deliver our new one yesterday evening.
5. Sadly (or happily, depending on how you look at it), I can't come up with a fifth thing for this Friday. So I'll just leave you with another picture of Annelise bursting with happiness over her new haircut.You're welcome.

Have a terrifical (as Ramona Quimby herself would say) weekend my friends!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut! Precious! Miss A is really growing up fast, Holly!

    Sorry about your vehicle.....do you have a touch up paint pen? Check with your local dealer....if it makes you feel better, I have been dinged several times....I too like to think that these were accidents! :( I feel your pain!

    Hope you all are staying cool in Texas.....the heat index was 115 here yesterday! ouch!

  2. Score on being in and out of the uniform store in 15 minutes' time, you're no rookie!

    I love the haircut, and especially love the old woman in the background of the photo.

    I'd be lost without our DVR, seriously lost, as in I'd have to give up watching TV kind of lost.

  3. I can't believe it... but I REALLY LOVE THE HAIRCUT!
    It's just cute no matter what- long/short- so cute!

    sorry about your car- that stinks, what is wrong with people?

    I CANNOT LIVE with out my DVR... cannot. Especially with SYTYCDance finals.


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