Have I Told You Lately...

* That semi-coastal Texas in late August is a steam bath. And not in the cleansing, invigorating way either, it's in the oppressively hot, demoralizing, sweaty way. Complaining about it solves nothing yet makes me feel marginally better.

* We are settling nicely back into the groove of school (Annelise is on her fourth day). We have been on time or early each morning (this, my friends, is big); she loves her teacher, her classmates and the whole first grade routine; and we're having earlier dinners (home cooked! by me!) and bedtimes.

* Thanks to Roald Dahl and the vehemence with which he extolled the evilness of television at the end of Charlie in the Chocolate Factory (really throughout the book, but more so after Mike Teevee's unfortunate incident), and the need of parents to, ahem, just say no, we are keeping the TV off during the school week and more limited on the weekends (for her, us, not so much). There, I said it. Now to see if we stick with it.

* Yesterday after school we did some shared reading (she reads a page, I read a page) of a Magic Tree House book, then I read aloud from By The Shores of Silver Lake (in the high hopes we'll actually finish it, we got off track over the summer--hello, TV), we baked cookies, ate supper, she played outside and then it was time bath and bed. She asked once if she could watch a show and I said no and that was that, no moaning or groaning, so maybe, just maybe, this will work.

*I don't always to do so well once I broadcast my intentions and then watch with my head hung in shame as the wheels gradually fall off my no TV/be more organized/eat better/exercise/do crafty things wagon and then hardly ever mention it again on my blog (speaking of which, hiya running, how ya doin'?).

* You could say I've reached an all time blogging low when I post pictures of Annelise blow drying her hair, and you'd probably be right, but she was soooooooo excited to do it herself and I got the biggest kick (and giggles) watching her. So there you go. * You could also say I need to clean off the windowsill of all (or most) of that stuff, and again, you would be right.

* We still can not decide how (if?) to celebrate Annelise's birthday with her school friends. This topic is really deserving of its own post, so I'll just leave you with that tantalizing tidbit for now.

* I have successfully shared my Wicked obsession with Annelise, thank you very much. She can now sing almost word for word What is This Feeling and Popular and parts of several other songs. She makes almost daily requests to listen to the soundtrack and I am of course happy to indulge her.
* This Wicked obsession has naturally diverged into a Kristin Chenowith obsession. Kristin is of course the epitome of cuteness and talent, on a stick. I stumbled onto this song and video a few weeks ago and it quickly became a favorite of mine and by default, Annelise. We listen to it all. the. time. and sing along (pardon us Kristin) in full-on opera, silly, campy, jazz hand style.
I thought I'd leave you today by sharing the video in the hopes you might just join Annelise and I in our obsession. However, consider yourself warned, it's addictive (like wake up at 4:30 in the morning and can't go back to sleep because The Girl in 14G is playing on repeat in your brain addictive).

You are ever so welcome.


  1. Holly, Holly, Holly......
    G and I just really enjoyed 14 G....KC (as we call her) is one of our VERY FAVS! She's incredible and just so doggon cute too! :) Thanks for sharing!
    BTW, I can't remember if I posted it or not, but I too took photos of my child drying her hair...it's the little things that make them happy, eh?! I too, noticed that my mirror wasn't looking too smurfy, alas, maybe the reason I didn't post it! ;) I blame it on the fact that it is a MAJOR antique! :)
    As always, love your posts!!!!

  2. So do you watch Pushing Daisies? She's so cute in it but we couldn't get into the show itself. I was wondering what you thought about it, if you've seen it.

    Same here with the Willy Wonka reference (I love how you are so specific in your references...I'm like "yeah, you know the TV kid in that chocolate factory book?" lol Since we just read that chapter, too, I'm totally calling quits on TV during the day...he used to watch an hour in the afternoon, then two hours...ugh, it got bad.

  3. Yes Yes- thank you
    I love this 14G- I can't wait for my girls to come home from school so they can watch it :)

    hooray for a GREat morning/evening back to routine/school schedule!

  4. I don't know how you function or leave the house at all in that crazy Texas heat! I say complain all you want, it definitely takes the edge off.

    Landon started Jr. High today and Whitney starts 4th grade tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be in the routine by next week.

    I know all about good intentions gone bad, but I think it's good to keep trying. Good luck to you guys!

    Whitney hates drying her hair by herself, but I'm always trying to get her to do it. She says I do it faster...which I do because I actually point the dryer at her hair, go figure!

  5. Ah, just bought a new Roald Dahl book today to read to Grace.

    I've been wondering how ANYONE in Houston survives this. I'm dying here in North Texas, you must really be about gone, girl.

  6. Anna: I did watch Pushing Daisies (thanks to Netflix) and really liked the quirkiness of the show. Kristin's character Olive was a hoot!


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