Miscellany (Because It's Monday)

But I don't really need a reason for another miscellaneous post do I?

I didn't think so.

This morning I woke up about ten minutes before my alarm was about to go off at 5:20, which you know, is delightful. I proceeded to then lie there in bed having a ridonkulous conversation in my head about getting dressed to go for a looooong overdue run (I'm not fooling anyone, probably more like a walk at this point) and then do one of my weight workout DVDs, take a shower, fix hair, do morning stuff and have myself all together when I take Annelise to school because I was going to my first Moms in Touch prayer time (more on that in a minute).

Since I was still prone on my bed, trying to snooze for five, ten, or thirty more minutes, my little conversation soon changed to whining in my head about being self-conscious about running (or walking) after such a long hiatus and little to no self-control when it comes to sweets for the most recent forever, so I switched gears and told myself I would just do my workout DVD. Later.

Why didn't I just get up? Why didn't I just tell my brain to SHUT UP and stop making excuses? Why didn't I just get over myself and tell my jiggly wiggly parts that they're never going to get better if I don't, you know, do something? (ideally more often than once or twice every other week)

I don't know. I gave in to my laziness and my weak excuses that I'd be too rushed and hot after my run/walk/workout to be ready and not be a showered but still overheated sweaty puddle with make-up sliding down my sweaty face at the prayer group.

(I am setting my alarm, again, to try the whole thing again tomorrow morning--and actually follow through. Blog, make me accountable m'mkay?)

However, I was really excited to go to my first Moms in Touch prayer group meeting thingie.

Even though this picture might not exude excitement, I promise I was.

From what I gather, Moms in Touch is a nationwide organization for moms to meet weekly and pray for their children, their teachers and schools. It's a fairly structured time period (there are even hand-outs) for some scripture reading (along a certain theme, today was God is able) and then prayers of praise, confession (that part was silent), thanksgiving and intercession were then offered in a popcorn style format (which basically means every one takes turns, you just pop your prayer in--if you feel like saying it out loud). I guess I was a little slow to warm up since it was my first time, so I mainly prayed silently, but I was definitely uplifted by being there and sharing in the experience. We won't meet next week due to Labor Day, but I plan to go back the following week.

Now that Annelise is in the second week of first grade, it's time for HOMEWORK. Today she brought home a spelling list and a book to read for at least 10 minutes.
She seemed to like meeting The Littles, but they can't top Ramona. She'll also have a homework bag (??) that comes home tomorrow, we'll have a few days to work on it and then turn it in Friday. Who knew first grade would be so tough?!?! (Kidding.) (I think.)

I don't know if you noticed in the previous photos glimpses of the small doll that is accompanying Annelise almost everywhere she goes (except school, she has to wait in the car). That's Jane, the almost American Girl doll Annelise got last year for her birthday. Scott and I are highly amused to see her, um...renew her interest in Jane as a clever campaign tactic to hopefully get a real deal American Doll this birthday.
Jane even likes Mooyah Burger!

I missed getting a picture of Jane hanging out the window as we drove around our neighborhood this evening looking at the ongoing development (destruction? progress?), but did catch Annelise.

Didn't you know that biting your lip makes your photo come out better?
Do you talk yourself out of things too often? Have you heard of Moms in Touch? Do you like Mooyah Burger? Do you bite your lip when you concentrate? (But hopefully not when you dance.)


  1. 5:20 is way too early, so I definitely would have talked myself out of getting up to exercise then. I managed to take myself on a gimpy powerwalk this morning from 9:30-10:30 though and felt quite victorious (it was only 63 degrees).

    I haven't heard of Moms in Touch until now.

    You look beautiful in your pre-prayer group photo.

  2. I went to MIT when Zach was in kinderg. LOVED, loved it. I bought Mockingjay. We are going to Mexico in a few weeks and I am saving it as a plane/beach read. I will probably have to have an entire suitcase for books! Anyway, it is KILLING me...I want read it now!!! I have been eagerly anticipating this for so long.
    We had a crazy fun time at Schlitterbahn. Thanks for your input. We ended up renting a cabana and that worked out really well. We liked the original park the best, but all were great fun. I bet we will do it again next summer!

  3. I will have to talk myself into running this evening since I didn't do it this morning. Remember that exercise is not an all or nothing endeavor. Something is always better than nothing and you don't have to run a marathon tomorrow. So I hope you convince yourself you are worth it tomorrow.


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