My First Day of First Grade

The night before first grade my dad read me a book called, "The Night Before First Grade". What a coincidence, right?
Before you knew it the sun was up, the birds were chirping, and I was still snoozing.
Yaaawn! I'm up, I'm up. Really. I am.
Since I helped Mama set my clothes out the night before, I got dressed in a jiffy. I've been dying to wear my new shoes!!After eating breakfast...
it was time to grab my lunch and hit the road.
Just a few more steps and I'll be in first grade!I was so happy to see one of my best buddies along the way. We're in the same class again this year (cue high pitched squeals of glee).
I said good morning to my new teacher Mrs. B. Doesn't she look so nice? I can't wait to get to know her.
I quickly found my desk and got settled in. I can't wait to start using my brand new supplies! (I'm almost 7, I can't wait to do a lot of things.)
I was ready to read some books at my new desk so I told Mama good bye and gave her a hug, but I have a sneaky suspicion she hung around outside the door for a little while taking more pictures.
(Annelise knows me so well.)


  1. sweet! we are T-6 days until Fourth Grade.

  2. fun times!
    I hope she loved it!?

    we start school on Monday... it was such a rainy june that it feels like we got ripped off-

  3. She is a doll!

    Griffin is in 1st grade this year (he did transitional last year). Luckily he doesn't have to get up as early as Luci (5:30). It is hard to have that change in routine!

    This is such a clever way to blog about the 1st day back to school.

  4. SO cute! She looks so stinkin' adorable!!

  5. Wow, 1st grade, she's hit the big time now!

  6. Hope her year is full of wonder, knowledge and God's blessings! She's a sweetie like her mom.

  7. I know (in the acquaintance sort of way) her teacher!!!!

  8. So sweet - love the new haircut. Hope you all have a wonderful 1st grade year.

  9. Thanks y'all, she really seems to like first grade so far.

    Silken: Neat--small world!


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