Some Things on Sunday

Would you be surprised if I told you I sat here stupefied for a few minutes trying to decide if some things should be one word or two and then I contemplated the use of something's on Sunday, ultimately deciding against it because I'm sure I'll be rattling on about more than just one thing, so something is would not suffice. Nor would it be correct.

It's so hard to be in my head sometimes.

Scott is knee deep in the middle of one out of two fantasy football drafts this afternoon. He's having to do the second draft by proxy (thanks J.) since there was a scheduling overlap. Oh the drama. I don't *get* fantasy football, but then again, I don't *get* real football either, but I do attempt to listen and nod at appropriate intervals.

Instead of working in the craft room this afternoon, which requires serious work just to enter the room safely, I decided to blog. Yes, I have perfected the art of avoidance and procrastination.

Annelise was quite the party girl this weekend since she was invited to two birthday parties. One was for a school friend and was after school Friday from 4-6. We'd never been to an after school party before but the timing worked out well. 20-30 kids ranging in ages from baby to first grade descended upon the birthday boy's house in a progressive storm then proceeded to play and partaay for the next two hours. They mainly played outside on the play set and/or trampoline coming in occasionally for AC breaks and food. It was all low key, the only organized game was a pinata, but it all went smoothly. I almost had a birthday brouhaha change of heart. Almost. The birthday boy cracked me up because every so often he had to escape from the chaos of all of his friends by going off by himself in another room for a few minutes for some Serenity Now time.

There was more fun partying on Saturday when Annelise went to celebrate her friends, R. and J. (they're such sweet twin boys) turning four years old.

Lots of fun was had playing party games (along a Peter Pan/lion theme--the boys have varied tastes) and enjoying yummy cake and ice cream. We had a great time!

Today after church and lunch at Panera (just lunch there, not church) Annelise and I popped into Barnes & Noble, otherwise known as paradise, so I could buy Mockingjay after not so patiently waiting all summer for the final installment in the Hunger Games series. I also gave in to Annelise's current obsession, Ramona Quimby. She trailed behind me with her nose in her new book as I wandered the aisles and I had to snap her picture after we checked out. I did make her put it down as we walked across the parking lot since that could be dangerous.
Last year I read a few chapters of Ramona Quimby, Age 8 out loud to Annelise but she wasn't all that interested. Now, after seeing the movie this summer and listening to a few audio CDs of Ramona, Annelise is all. over. it. She can't get enough and I am beyond thrilled to indulge her in all things Beverly Cleary.

I am not 100% sure she is ready to read them on her own, although she thinks she is, so I think we'll try some shared reading at first. It's kind of a challenge right now to find the right level of chapter books for her, ones that aren't too easy or too hard, and ones that really grab her interest. She's a little like Goldilocks. We shuffle through a mix of beginning reader/chapter books, some Junie B. Jones (I know), Magic Tree House and now Ramona. Sometimes she reads in her head, as she says, or we read together depending what it is, then some books I read aloud to her.

Today, while we were in paradise (B & N), we ran into a mom and her daughter from back in our Mother's Day Out Days when our girls were three. Seriously, time flies. The girls didn't really remember each other but did talk about books for a minute. The other girl likes the rainbow fairy series (I keep hearing about them) and so I told Annelise we could look for them.

No way Jose.

As soon as the girl and her mom left, Annelise told me she wasn't interested in reading about fairies at all and only wanted to find Ramona.

I was not so secretly thrilled.

Fairies schmaries.

She also asked me if I could stop calling her sweetie when we were public.

This request did not thrill me.

Neither does venturing upstairs into the mess otherwise known as my craft room, but I suppose I have avoided it long enough. If you don't hear from me again, please send help.

And snacks.


  1. what's wrong with church at panera? ;)

  2. Your first paragraph cracked me up, I can totally relate.

    Wow, a birthday party with 20-30 guests sounds totally overwhelming, no wonder the kid had to seek solace every now and again.

    I'm on a friend's waiting list to borrow her copy of Mockingjay.


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