All Because I Whined to Move the Sofa

Annelise was able to set up her pink tent (well, Scott did the actual setting up) and play with her recently rediscovered (well, freed might be a better word) Legos all afternoon.
The fact that the tent was set up two feet from the TV and angled for optimum viewing pleasure didn't phase me at all. Neither did the fact that she ate a picnic lunch in there nor the fact she hardly left the tent all day once she switched from Legos to video games.

All of that happened because today Scott finally helped me rearrange the furniture in our front room, a room that has been ignored by all for half past forever. We had moved the sofa against the wall as a (then) much needed change after one Christmas several years ago to open up the room. At the time I think I liked that arrangement because it was new and different but I soon realized it wasn't functional or friendly.

We hardly ever went in there again; it became a pass through room.

This morning, as we began to labor (not really, this wasn't really hard work) on Labor Day, Scott and I started moving things around, vacuuming under and behind long forgotten places. We soon called to Annelise to come straighten up some of her toys that were in a basket under a table.

As she picked up her Magnetix, we heard a high pitched squeal emit from her that sounded like, "The KEEEEEeeeyyy!! The key was stuck to one of my magnet pieces!!!"

And then we all three emitted high pitched squeals of glee and there may have even been jumping up and down on my part (though limited since I was still in my t-shirt and boxers and without, um...proper support).

The key in question was the original key to the antique wardrobe that had belonged to my grandparents. We had been using it for extra storage in the parlor (front room) and Annelise kept several toys in the two door areas, namely all of her Legos, her guitar and her pink tent. One day, a few months back, we made the sad discovery that the key was lost, the key that my grandparents had managed never to lose in 50+ years. The key we had told Annelise must never leave the wardrobe locks was missing. She admitted to taking it out while playing and then never remembering to put it back. Needless to say I was mad and sad all at the same time, those feelings still rising to the surface when I walked through the room or thought how nice it would be for Annelise to be able to play with her Legos.

But today, thanks to me bugging Scott to move furniture, and him eventually relenting, we were finally able to open those doors with relief and a side of joy.

Then we got busy moving furniture.

We turned the wardrobe to a jaunty angle instead of straight against the wall as it had been and I spruced up the top of it as well. Doesn't it look better? Well, trust me, it does.
This is a view of the front of the parlor, looking out toward our street. I moved the chairs away from the windows and closer to the sofa. Or couch. Or whatever. The rocking chair (and yes, that is Flo, my flamingo) might just be temporary but I felt I needed something to fill that space. Annelise's doll house is on the other side of the small table. I left it there because she still plays with it occasionally (and it won't really fit in her room) but I might move it later.
The coffee table is probably too big for the room, but it's what we have, so there you go.
This is a view looking into our foyer. Wanna play ball with Sadie? She's waiting...
And finally, this is a view toward the back of the room. Why, yes, those are our Christmas cards still hanging on the wall, and Annelise's stick horse Trigger below them just because we are classssy. In my defense, 1.)remember, I said we were hardly using this room at all and B.)I really enjoy leaving my cards & photos up throughout the year because they make me happy. Are we all still friends?
Moving things around, shopping the house, using things in different ways can be so invigorating. (Or am I the only one who feels that way?) Now I'm motivated to keep my eyes peeled for cheap but pretty plates and other pieces to spruce up the walls, and maybe something tall and natural for the corner (like branches? twigs?). Today was only the first step. Floating (that's decorator speak dontcha know) the sofa away from the wall changes the feeling of the whole room, making it more inviting and cozy.
At least that's what I think. And hope.
Scott thinks it looks kind of cluttered and it's not so easy to walk through any longer (um, hello??) and Annelise has hardly left her tent, so I've had not outside opinions.
Now it's your turn.

Don't hold back, tell me what you really think. Please.


  1. Hooray for finding the key!!

    I love rearranging, but rarely get to do so because we have so few options in our very tiny family room and have to deal with the wall-hogging fire place and front door. But I still enjoy moving the furniture out to vacuum behind it (I always feel better when I do that) and enjoy any changes I make.

    I think your room looks great! Totally homey and inviting. That looks like a good place for your Christmas cards, so I don't see anything wrong with keeping those up all year.

  2. I think it looks nice. I would sit on the couch and read a book. :) I cut all the pictures from our Christmas cards (most people send photo cards these days) and keep them on a bulletin board all year until we start getting the new ones. It makes me smile when I look at it.

  3. Love it! Your home has such great character, I love all the moldings and details that ya'll thought of when you built it. I also love the mixture of furnishings and I think you have a great eye. What a feeling to find the key to your cabinet, too!

  4. It looks beautful! As always. I love sitting on your couch drinking coffee and chatting with you! You home is well, homey. I love it! ;)

  5. we've done a bit of rearranging around here too! didn't find anything as good as "the key" but we did get stuff cleaned up, piled up to give away, and vaccumed. oh, and my husband has a new shrine, uh, TV!


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