And Then She Was...

(Just in case the candle wasn't obvious enough, she added her own visuals.)
After much anticipation, counting, squeals of glee and excitement Annelise's birthday was finally here. Well, almost. First she had a pre-birthday celebration with her classmates Friday afternoon at school.
I brought in cupcakes, cupcakes that may not have been homemade by me but I'm confident they were baked with love by the bakery ladies HEB. It seemed to work out well that they ate them and then went right home because, oh my goodness, they were bouncing off the walls with a good dose of sugar with a side a crazy (the almost-birthday girl had an extra dose).

Was it mean that I purposefully ignored the little girl that chanted iwantpinkiwantpinkiwantpinkiwantpink as I handed out the last pink cupcake and gave it to the girl across from her who was waiting quietly? Good. I didn't think so either.

Annelise had a special early present waiting for her when we got home from her Uncle Dan and Aunt Jerry in Maine. They sent her a beautiful book about Maine in which was tucked a very generous savings bond. We looked through it and reminisced about our wonderful visit there a few years ago (we must go back SOON). Thank you Aunt Jerry and Uncle Dan!

Annelise then quickly scurried off to pack her bag for a birthday eve sleepover at my dad and Peggy's house. She was over her head excited because they had promised her a trip to Pets Mart to get her very. own. hermit. crab. (Sorry Mrs. B. and fellow classmates, I'm sure A. drove y'all bug-eyed crazy with her yammering on and on about this outing.)

Our phone rang pretty early Saturday morning and a very excited little voice announced she was ready to come home to celebrate her special day and let us meet the new addition to our family.

Meet Hermie (original, no?). Isn't he dreamy?Annelise certainly thinks so.

Annelise's BIG present, the Just Like Me American Girl, had not arrived in time (because her mom is a slacker and did not order it far enough in advance) but she still had a few gifts to open.A few books (hello, have we met?) and then there was... and finally a new pair of... It was not long after the opening of the skates and a brief trial skate through the house that our normally sweet daughter ripped the skates off, declaring them too puffy and cast them aside, flouncing off in an ungrateful huff.

Um, excuse me?
In what was not one of my proudest moments (and yes, there are plenty) I made it clear that an attitude like that was not acceptable, her gifts could be easily returned--all of them--even ones on back order--and so on and so forth. I may have raised my voice and she may have cried. I may have sent the birthday girl to her room under strict orders to lie down on her bed and not come down until her attitude was better.
A little while later I tip-toed upstairs to find this:
Apparently you can't have a long week of first grade, an especially exciting Friday (cupcakes! a sleepover! a hermit crab!), stay up laaaate Friday night and get up at 5:30 Saturday morning when Pappo left to go do his walking and still have a pleasant disposition.

After a short nap she woke refreshed, renewed and full of remorse. We both apologized, hit the reset button and carried on with the birthday festivities which included heading straight to Mr. Gatti's Playland for pizza,
and games where the birthday girl racked up a handful of tickets, much to her delight. See?She then cashed in those tickets in order to claim three pieces of junk toys, two of which were broken before we got home (but she didn't seem too disappointed). She announced she would like to celebrate her birthday every year at Mr. Gatti's (can you tell we don't go there often?) so we were pleased to see her so happy over something quite simple. After a quick stop by Pets Mart to get a few (more) necessities for Hermie we hurried home so she could do some more of this...
and check in on her cookies and cream cake which is a repeat of last year's celebration (not the actual cake, I did bake a new one) but is what the birthday girl requested.
And then check on Hermie one more time (look! he's moving!) before my dad, Peggy, Peggy's granddaughter Jessica and great-granddaughter Cadence came over for cake and ice cream.
Did you know Hermie *sat* (in his tank of course) right beside the birthday girl while we sang Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles? He did, he did. He's a sport, that Hermie.
After enjoying her fill of cake and ice cream (mainly the frosting and ice cream) it was time for a little more Hermie gazing, this time while he was enjoying free play...or free sit with the occasional crawl.
Hermie, obviously, is fascinating.
All in all, turning seven was highly enjoyable for Annelise, even with a low-key family day/party (in the end there was no brouhaha at all, so YAY for that).


  1. happy birthday, A!

    (and, i have it on good authority, hermit crabs need a partner or they will die of loneliness.) (just sayin'.)

    i've had to hit the reset button several times the past few days.

  2. sounds like a great day! and no brouhaha! that cake looks like something my daughter would like-she doesn't like cake but loves oreos!

  3. This looks like a most excellent way to turn 7!

    Do hermit crabs smell?

  4. Aaah! We have that same book about Maine from our aunt and uncle in Maine.

    Happy birthday, Annelise!!

  5. Lelly: Thanks for the insider hermit crab tip. Maybe we'll get him a friend soon--though our tank isn't super big.

    Silken: I'm sorry, I can't seem to process the statement: she doesn't like cake. How is this possible? ;)

    Jill: Hermie doesn't stink but his food/calcium shell thing has an odor--but it's not too bad. Just a whiff now and then.

    Rochelle: Neat! I saw the author has written books about other cities too. Such pretty illustrations!

  6. Happy Birthday, Annelise! It's fun watching her grow up, I hope our kids get to meet in person someday. Looks like a fun family celebration (including the reset button...gotta love the reset button!)


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