And The Winner Is...

So...remember a while back I posted about Annelise's homework and made a little giveaway out of it?

And y'all were great sports and left your guesses about what my little first grader wrote?

And then I left y'all hanging, waiting anxiously I'm sure, to see who would win the highly coveted Starbucks gift card?

(clears throat and shuffles feet sheepishly)


Sorry about that.

You know, my giveaways are highly technical, very sophisticated and require complicated writing of names on post-its, cutting said post-its into strips, folding of strips, and enlistment of a certain first grader's help in the drawing.

These things take time.

(clears throat again)

Without further ado, or procrastination, let's declare a winner...first we must swoosh the strips inside the mug (yes, swoosh is a technical term)...and draw a name...drum roll please...
Congratulations to BriteCloud!! I have a Starbucks gift card ready to send to you, just email me your address and a Pumpkin Spice Latte can soon be warming your innards. Or whichever drinks your innards would prefer.
Thanks y'all for playing along!!
(And Annelise's list was flower, berry, pecan, stick and leaf. Y'all had great guesses! I'm sure y'all have been losing sleep over this, so now you can rest.)


  1. Aww! Thanks!! It was so exciting to scroll down and see my name!! :) Special thanks to A. for a great pic. I'll send you my address.

  2. Congratulations to BriteCloud!

  3. Holly, I sent you an email with my address, but it came back as undeliverable. Maybe I don't have your current email?

    Anywho... here's my address:

    104 Greenfield Circle
    Heber City, UT 84032



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