Bare Facts (Can You Bear It?)

One time, way back in the day, I remember going to the grocery store with my parents. Before I made my usual beeline over to the comic rack (I was a fan of Archie & gang, big fan) I heard my mom expressing her dismay over an incorrect spelling used in a sign.

At the Food King.

The sign said something like, "Please bare with us" because they were remodeling.

My mom couldn't handle it.

Not the mess from the remodel, the mistake on their sign.

She went on and on to my dad about how if we were going to bare with the friendly folks at the Food King as they remodeled we'd have to be naked and they shouldn't ask their customers to shop for their groceries while in their birthday suits.

Or something like that.

I think by that point I was reading about Betty scheming to get Archie away from Veronica and quickly lost interest in my mom's woe, so I don't remember if she told the manager about their mistake or not.

I've never told someone at a store about a sign mistake, but I've certainly corrected them in my head. I've come close to saying it out loud, graciously of course, but I still fear I would offend them. Or they would think I'm a word nerd, a grammar Nazi, a dweeb that diagrams sentences in my spare time.

Which I kind of am.

Except for the diagramming part.

But I like to read books like Eats Shoots and Leaves, Woe is I, listen to occasional podcasts from Grammar Girl and bemoan text lingo and poor spelling on Facebook statuses.*

At least I know where my sickness originates.

Thanks Mom.

*I am not at all perfect in my writing, spelling or punctuation usage, but I definitely try my best. That's all I ask of others as well.

Do you feel my pain? Any books or resources on grammar, writing, etc. to recommend? Do you fret over the future of good grammar due to text lingo, Facebook statuses and Tweets too? Have you ever notified a store about a sign mistake?


  1. I should be commenting on this one anonymously, but I thought that bare was the correct spelling in that situation...

  2. my level of "grammar/spelling" awareness is almost incapacitating...

    i have a friend who shares this *a-hem* issue with me. we text each other photos of "creative spelling."

    this also affects my tweeting, as i simply cannot bring myself to forego proper punctuation, or to use numbers/letters in any homonym-y sort of way...

    i have issues, i'll admit, but the greater worry is the gradual breakdown of our language!

    (stepping off soapbox now...)

  3. Yes! I have done it! When I was 24 and driving down Nasa Road 1, the Burger King had a sign that read, "Now excepting applications". I admit it, I called them. But by the time I did, they had already received other calls and were in the process of correcting the sign.

    BTW, I just realized that 24 was half of my life ago. Wow. And in case anyone hasn't figured it out yet, the sign should have read, "Now accepting applications". Just thought I should throw that in there. :)

  4. I notice misspellings and things like that all the time, and am horrified whenever I find a typo in one of my posts. I blame speedy typing and old age for my mistakes, but usually I can't them a day or so after posting and end up fixing them so at least they won't be there by the time I turn my blog into a book.

  5. I cannot stand poor grammar in signs, it drives me nutty! Words spelled incorrectly, grammar, apostrophes... sigh... I am sure my blog is full of mistakes. Judge not lest ye be judged, right? I'll take my chances. I certainly wouldn't correct anyone but, in my head, oh the agony!

  6. oh that drives me crazy! and it is getting so prevalent. when I see it in ads/professional works and I am starting to see more editing errors in books too. it is awful! I did tell the doctor's office about a misspelling in one of the fine print pages I had to sign. I figure no one else really reads through those....


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