Fall Schmall

The word on the street is that today is the first day of fall.

Except on my street.

Where it's still 90 degrees.

Maybe I'll be on board with the artful arranging of pumpkins, the hanging of fall garland tastefully without looking like Hobby Lobby vomited on my mantel and breaking out the candy corn soon.

But not just yet.

However, I did do something quick and easy the other day.

Because quick and easy are my best friends.

I've noticed several crafty and clever people use scrabble tiles to express themselves around their home.

I think it's brilliant.

And easy.

I debated setting out all four scrabble trays around the house but I thought that might be too much, so I settled on two. One is on a table in our foyer and the other is on our counter between the kitchen and family room.
I placed the extra scrabble tiles in a hobnail glass so we can change the words out when ever the mood strikes.

You know, like it's prone to do.

When faced with trips to the attic and digging through plastic tubs of fall paraphernalia I'm tempted to spell out Happy Harvest, light a pumpkin candle and call my fall decorating done.

Have you decorated for fall yet? (It's okay, you can tell me the truth. I can handle it)


  1. I haven't decorated for Fall yet, even though our mountains are definitely indicating the season. It doesn't feel like Fall down here so I'm not feeling it yet.

    The scrabble tile words are darling, and I love the idea of having a cup of letters there for word changes.

  2. Haven't even thought about decorating yet! But I did buy a ton of apples with the delusion that I was going to spend all weekend baking. The apples are rotting as we speak. :)

  3. I only decorate for Christmas. I like the Scrabble idea though. Very fun.

  4. I feel totally overwhelmed about getting out fall decorations. But I LOVE This scrabble idea!!!

    I'm doing this today!
    thanks for the idea ;)

  5. I love scrabble so if I ever decorate maybe I'll use that idea.

  6. I love the scrabble tiles as decor! I particularly like that you chose "kindness." :-)


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